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An unconventional weight loss tale from an unconventional personality—Penn Jillette tells how he lost 100 pounds with his trademark outrageous sense of humor and biting social commentary that makes this success story anything but ordinary.

Legendary magician Penn Jillette was approaching his sixtieth birthday. Topping 330 pounds and saddled with a systolic blood pressure reading over 200, he knew he was at a dangerous crossroads: if he wanted to see his small children grow up, he needed to change. And then came Crazy Ray. A former NASA scientist and an unconventional, passionate innovator, Ray Cronise saved Penn Jillette’s life with his wild “potato diet.”

In Presto, Jillette takes us along on his journey from skepticism to the inspiring, life-changing momentum that transformed the magician’s body and mind. He describes the process in hilarious detail, as he performs his Las Vegas show, takes meetings with Hollywood executives, hangs out with his celebrity friends and fellow eccentric performers, all while remaining a dedicated husband and father. Throughout, he weaves in his views on sex, religion, and pop culture, making his story a refreshing, genre-busting account. Outspoken, frank, and bitingly clever, Presto is an incisive, rollicking read.

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Penn Jillette
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August 9
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Customer Reviews

Godwin ,

Nothing to Hear Here - An Audio Diet Book

I thought of Penn Fraser Jillette as an accomplished magician and story teller. This telling of how he lost 100 pounds is one of the most difficult listens I can remember. It truly sounds as if he knocked out a few hundred pages over a couple of sleep deprived nights with a stream of conscious oratory. The story seems hardly thought through and thrown haphazardly onto a recording without any subsequent review or editing. His publisher must have failed to offer any notes for his consideration and just transcribed the mess as is.

In this audio his voice sounds ragged as he pushes to the finish line, and this adds to the struggle of the listener. His narrative is jumbled and repetitive as he flagellates himself for having been a “fat fuc*k” for so long.

The radical diet he touts was comprised of two stages: starvation for 90 days followed by a vegan lifestyle to maintain his target weight. There are better ways to to make health lifestyle changes.

I wish I had saved my money. I was looking forward to some great story telling but apparently Jillette lost his gray matter along with his fat.

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