Prospect's Bible: How to Prospect for a Traditional, Law-Abiding Motorcycle Club (Unabridged‪)‬

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Though a challenging feat, do you have what it takes to earn the full patch brotherhood of a mighty motorcycle club nation? Can you adhere to the strict codes, protocol, customs, discipline, and traditions of the MC that are not obvious to casual observers and are not readily shared with strangers? Can you ride in the harsh elements side by side with your brothers, sleeping under the stars, and loving the life of two-wheeled iron obsession? Can you be trusted with the secrets and internal business of the MC? Can you serve the MC with loyalty, putting the MC first in all endeavors other than God, family, and job? Can you love your full patch brothers as deeply as any blood family? Are you worthy of the trust of the MC? Can you be fearless in the face of danger? Can you stand by your full patch brothers, come what may, through thick and thin, until the very end? Can you do the work required to earn your full patch? 

If your answers to the questions above are yes, then perhaps you might be ready to begin prospecting for a motorcycle club. Prospect’s Bible will guide you, step by step, through the process of realizing that dream. It will give you an edge your full patch brothers never had. It will give you clarity through the process and guide you to becoming the hottest running prospect your MC has ever seen! 

You will learn how to prospect for a traditional 99 percenter, law-abiding motorcycle club. You will learn MC protocol, biker set traditions, and outlaw one-percent MC history. You will learn the duties of the president, sergeant-at-arms, road captain, and other MC officers. You will learn the foundation of what forms the MC's bylaws. You will learn MC politics, conflict resolution, and how to successfully cross over! 

Prospect's Bible contains: 

A biker terms glossary 
254-question MC protocol history and traditions test 
The prospect's proverbs
Daily affirmations to keep you strong

Good luck, prospect!

John E. Bunch, II
hr min
July 25
Bunch Media Group

Customer Reviews

Silverback Eric ,

My Prospecting Journey

It is an amazingly insightful book that made my prospecting much more meaningful and successful..

Silverback Eric