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Volume 1: Yes, she was a gold digger. She was a stunning statuesque blonde, standing at 5'10" with long legs that wouldn't quit. This attracted many men to her, but the one who had the most money was the one who won her. Nicholas stood 6'4", but was very skinny and lanky. He had more brains than brawn. But, that didn't matter to Samantha. His bank account was fat from the earnings of the development company that he had inherited from his father. It was a multi-million dollar company that immediately attracted Samantha to Nicholas. She had seen him as one of the most eligible wealthy bachelors profiled in the newspaper she read. He had just attained some new developmental land that would make him millions, to add to the millions he already had.

Volume 2: Samantha came onto the stage. "Before our last show, we are going to have our 'Naughty Nightie Contest'. The men applauded. 'Ladies, it's your turn to show these men what you have. I have some rooms for you to change into. Tonight’s prize is dinner and cocktails for two." Rita pulled out a sheer, red camisole and matching thong. It was really nice, beautiful material, with a great color for her and a perfect fit. It would be perfect for an intimate evening alone, but not to be worn in public. Still, she had no choice, so she took one look in the mirror as she turned around, then left to let others in line have their turn at the mirror. "Wow", said her husband, Greg, when he saw her. "You look so hot!" "I hope you don't mind your wife being on display for everyone to see," she teased him. The sheer fabric was almost totally see through; her pink nipples were clearly visible through the material. The camisole left her mid-riff bare, and the neck and arm holes were loose enough that her ample breasts would be fully exposed if she bent over or lifted her arms.

Candy Kross
hr min
February 17
Vincent Stead

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