Psychological Warfare: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Human Behavior, Brainwashing, Propaganda, Deception, Negotiation, Dark Psychology, and Manipulation (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Do not listen to this audiobook unless you are ready to see the world differently...

This audiobook helps you to understand what is meant by psychological warfare, and how it affects you and the people you love.

Find out:

What cults are - Discover five common misconceptions that people have about cults
What influence the media has on your everyday life - What the more trustworthy sources of news are
If you are always on the wrong end of a deal - Discover the art of negotiation, and how to gain the upper hand when thrashing out a deal
Uncover some classic propaganda techniques that have been used for generations, and learn how to form your own opinions
About neuro-linguistic programming or NLP - This theory has been developed to promote self-esteem, but some people use the methods to manipulate others
About MK Ultra - This highly illegal and controversial operation was deployed by the CIA from the 1950s for over 20 years and involved the drugging and brainwashing of ordinary American citizens
The term gaslighter - Do you imagine a wartime method of lighting streetlamps? The term is used to describe an insidious form of bullying
Ways to spot a liar - You may think your BS detector is finely tuned, but are you willing to take a test? Try the fun test in chapter three to discover how adept you are at spotting a liar
The dark triad, and how it affects you - This audiobook helps you understand the three dark personality traits and how they manifest

This handy audiobook will change your life. You will have the power to be stronger and resist bullying. Improve your strength of mind with some simple exercises, and present the new you to the world. 

Get this audiobook and never be taken advantage of again!

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Ivan Busenius
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December 9
Neil Morton

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