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A Psychology Journal: Experiments in Psychology takes a look at the different psychological experiments conducted over the years. This experimental conduction includes a description of how to perform many of the popular experiments. Some of these popular experiments include Hebb's sensory deprivation experiment, Thorndike's puzzle box experiments, Milgram's obedience experiment, and many, many more. These experiments are the foundation of what makes psychology the scientific discipline it has become.

Some of the experiments are rather extraordinary whereas others are of interest in their simplicity of conduction. Psychological experimentation can be done on both man or animal, as each consist of advantages. Some of these experiments one may be able to try themselves, whereas others are of such a scientific nature are beyond capability of performance. Whether the experiments are difficult or easily performed, each experiment can be appreciated for its contribution to science and research.

A Psychology Journal: Developmental Psychology discusses from prenatal care to euthanasia and the elderly to the legitimacy of the church. These issues affect all of us at one time or another, be it being passed up for a job in favor of a senior citizen employee or deciding as a parent when too much civic engagement can be potentially harmful. Both sides of the pertinent issues will be discussed providing a more valid listener opinion on the subjects. The audiobook does not attempt to influence the listener pertaining to subjects, yet is influential in its manner of providing a choice of which debate is right or wrong.

A Psychology Journal: Cult in America provides a detailed description of some of America's most powerful cults speaking of their means of recruitment to in many cases their violent and self-destructive downfall. Many people would fall victim to the influence of these cults, which at times would not only cost them thousands upon thousands of dollars, but also in some cases their lives. This book speaks about some of the methods of combating cult influence which as it turns may have saved lives.

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Ken Stephens
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August 15
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