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Crate, sleep and potty training your puppy can be a great experience!

Read this 3 in 1 book and you'll know how to raise your puppy right!

There are times when you will need to be gone from the house, such as when you need to go to work or to run errands, and you want to make sure that your puppy stays safe and does not chew everything around the home. Since you are not able to be there to watch them, crate training can be the best option to help you out.

This guidebook will spend some time talking about the best steps to take to crate train your puppy.

We will start with some of the basics of crate training and even look at some of the different crates that you are able to use.

We will start with a regular look at crate training that you can spread out over a few weeks and even a weekend plan to get crate training done quickly when you are short on time. To finish off our training, we will look at how you can use crate training to also house train your puppy in no time.

Bringing home a new puppy can be a great experience for the whole family. You and your kids will be able to enjoy the new addition, teach them new tricks, play with them, and give them endless love. Many families dream about getting a new puppy for a long time before they take the plunge and they think that the whole situation is going to be perfect.

While bringing that puppy home is a great idea, many people start to regret it after a few nights of barely getting to sleep. Between hearing the puppy whine to having to get up and take them to the bathroom a ton of times, you are probably feeling exhausted and hopeless.

The good news is that this guidebook has the tips and strategies that you need to turn it all around. We are going to take some time to look at all the preparation that you need to do, as well as the three main strategies that work the best for most families to help them finally get their puppies to sleep. From the light sleeper method to the alarm clock method and the heavy sleeper method, you are sure to find a sleep training strategy for your puppy that will work like a charm and will help you, your family, and the puppy finally get some much-needed sleep at nighttime.

Puppies are eating machines. Since they eat so much, this makes them potty machines. They grow and develop rapidly at the puppy stage, and they eat lots of food and burn up tons of energy, and they need to eliminate often and usually go wherever they want. Puppies are like babies - they do not have developed bowel and bladder control and can’t “hold it” as long as an adult dog.

Puppies come with challenges. They need to be taught how to interact with people and other animals, go potty, stop chewing and biting, and so many other behaviors.

Matyas J., Jim Rising
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May 10
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