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Cara has been a prisoner all her life, shackled by a broken soul and fear of her father's temper. When a mercenary captain is taken prisoner, he sparks something in her she doesn't recognize - rebellion. Determined to save the captain's life, she flees with him intent on leaving her past behind. It isn't love that drives her father's zealous pursuit, but a hidden magical birthright she never knew about. Now she must solve the puzzle of her past before her father kills everyone she loves in his bid to reclaim her.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Zachary Johnson
hr min
May 5
Miramae Press

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skillfully created a world so mystical yet realistic

Kept in a black keep for all her life a young woman knows nothing more than what her father, Sorrenus,  allows her to know and feel.  She has no feelings, nothing but the knowledge that she should be grateful to father and help him with his rituals.  That is until Cory and Archer, prisoners, offer her an insight into other human interactions and that it’s ok to want more.  Their conversations spark something within her to help them escape - compassion, love, and desire to live her dreams.

But can one truly escape an evil so vile and selfish as the father?  Everyone senses that Cara is unique; one knows she is missing a part of herself.  She must find what's missing before she loses Fallon, Cory and Archer or anyone else dies because of her. Her escape from father is riddled with pain and death.    Cara must decide what is most important in her young lonely life and move forward to save her friends and her true love.

Stacy Bennett, the author has skillfully created a world so mystical yet realistic that one cannot stop listening to this epic novel.  It has everything – passion, mystery, action, evil, fighting, and so much more!  One does not truly expect where the story goes but when it reaches the end, the listener can only reflect on how they got to this point and realize this is where the story needed to go.  This is an edge of your chair, nail-biting story with twists and well-developed characters and plot.

Zachary Johnson, narrator, performs this epic novel as if he were born to do so.  He owns the book with his talent to step into the story and wear each character as if it was his true identity.  While his female voices are not feminine by any means, he does a good job of making them female through emotion and style of speaking.  In other words, Fallon is spoken strongly – she is a strong female lead; Cara a hesitant – she is shy and unsure; Moira is in love, hopelessly with a man and is tired of waiting; her tearful voice demonstrates her passion.  I enjoyed Zachary Johnson’s reading so much so that it was a disappointment to reach the end of the book.

This is a wonderful book for anyone who loves magic, dragons, and knights in shining armor (ok, slightly tarnished armor).

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