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In their second big adventure, Omen and his giant talking cat, Tormy, journey to a blighted land to rescue a doomed child. But the fateful quest entwines their lives with an ancient curse, and Omen has to risk everything for the sake of the innocent he refuses to abandon.

Aided by his magic-wielding family, the guardian dragons of Melia, and an unexpected friend, Omen must confront cataclysmic evil. But how can anyone stand against the immortal wrath of the Dark Heart?

A Blackstone Audio production.

Kids & Young Adults
P. J. Ochlan
hr min
October 10
Blackstone Audio

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a complicated tale of loyalty and magic

This is the further adventures of Omen and his talking cat, Tormy. It is a sequel of sorts, in that some of the characters introduced in the first volume continue and there is some reference to them in the second volume. But far more detail is given to Omen’s family and new characters. It easily stands alone, though you may want to listen to the first volume first to understand the back references better.

Omen is given a quest by his mysterious older brother to rescue their long-forgotten brother in a ruined land. Omen’s magic powers are subdued in this other realm and he has to use his wits, education and Tormy’s help to rescue his god-like brother. Their lost brother has been in this ruined land for many years, perhaps centuries with no one to keep him company but the ghosts he sees and communicates with. His mind may be warped beyond repair and only Omen and Tormy vow to save him regardless of his possible affliction. A whole race of elves may suffer extermination if they can’t.

Radiation is a complicated tale of loyalty and magic. During the story, we get a lot more information about Omen’s family and his place in it. His close friend, the prince of Hex makes an appearance but is mostly out of the story until the battles begin. As with the first book, it is a fun story well suited for a young adult audience, with youthful heroes, magic, talking creatures and exciting, but less-than-frightening battles.

The story is performed by P. J. Ochlan, who is just brilliant. His voice is smooth as silk and infinitely malleable to the many characters. The lighthearted tone of the story comes through just right for the young adult listener, but enjoyable for adults as well. The character voices are all easily differentiated and appropriate for each. Certainly, any listener’s favorite will be the cute, deadly kitten and his identical twin (who is not identical at all) with a Scottish accent. How fun is that?

It is a fun and exciting fantasy novel geared for a young audience, but adults should enjoy it as well. Perhaps not quite as fresh as the first volume; it is still highly entertaining and well worth a listen. The novel stands alone and is only part of a series in the sense that the main characters return for further adventures.

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