Rapid French: Volume 1 (Original Recording‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Earworms mbt© is a revolutionary accelerated learning technique that takes the hard work out of learning.  

By listening to these specially composed melodies with their rhythmic repetitions of French and English a few times, you pick up over 200 essential words and phrases that will not just be on the tip of your tongue, but will be burned deeply into your long-term memory in next to no time.

If you like music, and want to make rapid progress without any formal knowledge of language learning, earworms mbt© Rapid French is the course for you.

Volume 1 is your survival kit of essential words and phrases to get you by on your trip abroad.

You will feel you are learning within minutes and might just be amazed by how easy acquiring a language can be!

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our desktop site.

Marlon Lodge
hr min
January 17
Earworms (mbt) Ltd

Customer Reviews

I Love Aural Pleasures ,

Beats + music + French = Muffled Sounding Fun

1. This is effective in getting my tongue to make those strange French pronunciations since it asks you to repeat phrases/words at least 4 times each with different speeds.
2. The music and beats in the background not only que you to speak, but are great during running/aerobic excercise.

1. Not very many phrases compared to other French CDs.
2. The sound quality is poor. I played the CD through my Tivoli Songbook which usualy makes things sound great, but the sound is a little blurry. Especially for a language CD you'd like to hear it crytal clear. The quality of the sound is like someone recorded the CD from an old casette tape through a toy microphone. I suggest one adjusts the iTunes Equalizer and use the 'Vocal Booster'.

This is great to complement other French Language books/CDs, but do not depend on your entire trip on it! The sound is not as good as it should be for a language CD.

SarahLMBT ,

pretty cool

The background music is indeed pretty hip and soothing, or at least different. The French narrator (female) seems very natural with the male 'student', and it doesn't feel posed or weird. All I knew of French before was 'Bonjour' and 'Bon Appetit', and now I know a few more words after two listens, not paying too much attention. I consider this best as a primer if you're thinking about taking up a new language.

eugenia ,

rapid french vol 1

trouble here is that it downloads in one track! that's a problem.... it's a language tape, so naturally, you would want to rewind and replay and review, and you can't! kinda stupid, don't ya think?
the audio book is pretty cool, nice music and such, and i bet if i bought it on tape or cd, i could rewind, but i can't on my pod, so it's basically useless...
gave it two stars cuz it's not Earworms Learning fault. the female audio is sometimes hard to understand, very deep french, the male voice is easier to follow, more 'americanized' so when he repeats her, you can figure out that the word starts with a T say, instead of a D....

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