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In this wholly original reading/performance of the immortal Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poem, actor/performer Bill Mills goes beyond the stereotypical rhythmic rendition, intoned in a sepulchral voice, and instead presents Poe's words as the increasingly deranged dialogue of a man with a visitant he comes to see as an omen. It is an omen that neither in this life or the next shall he possess the one woman he loves beyond all reason.

Produced in honor of the anniversary of the death of this legendary author and poet, the performance is enhanced with evocative music and sound effects and is preceded by an introductory tribute and Poe mini-biography written by producer and performer Bill Mills.

Drama & Poetry
Bill Mills
hr min
October 9
Renaissance E Books Inc.

Customer Reviews

Smedette ,

Change the Preview!

I did not purchase this because the preview is a bio of Mr. Poe and not a preview of the reading. This should be corrected.

Lit Teacher ,

Wrong preview material

People aren't buying the book for the bio--they are buying it for the recording of the poem. The preview should contain an excerpt from the poem, not the narrative about Poe.

SciFiGurl ,

Beyond iTunes poor choice of preview clip hides a good audiobook

I agree that iTunes has used a sadly minimal piece of this audiobook and it's shameful. I have heard the preview on other sites and it has a bit of both the intro material and the reading as a demonstration of the entire content. I actually learned some things and gained some insight into Poe from the intro/bio section and though prouduced as a 'radio play' might be with eerie music and crashing thunder for sound effects (which I enjoyed but will not be to everyone's tastes I suspect), the reading is quite unique and entertaining. It is somehwat more conversational, less strictly metered and less sing-songy than the typical traditional readings I have heard from elementary school on. It gives a very good impression of a heartbroken man decending into the depths of insanity over the loss of his beloved wife. I don't think I was ever so sympathetic to the protagonist of the piece before I heard the performance of The Raven by Bill Mills. It's well priced to risk buying and listening to this... who knows you may enjoy it as much as I do.

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