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The Remingtons is a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series. Voted Best Book Series by Supportive Business Moms, UK

In Read, Write, Love...

Best-selling author Kurt Remington lives to write. He spends 12 hours a day in front of his computer, rarely leaving the seclusion of his beach-front property, where he's come to finish his latest thriller - that is, until free-spirited Leanna Bray nearly drowns in the ocean trying to save her dog. Kurt's best-laid plans are shot to hell when he comes to their rescue. Kurt's as irritated as he is intrigued by the sexy, hot mess of a woman who lives life on a whim, forgets everything, and doesn't even know the definition of the word organized.

Leanna's come to the Cape hoping to find a fulfilling career in the jam-making business, and until she figures out her own life, a man is not on the menu. But Leanna can't get the six-two, deliciously muscled, and tragically neat Kurt out of her mind. She tells herself she's just stopping by to say thank you, but the steamy afternoon sparks a wild and sexy ride as Kurt and Leanna test the powers of Chemistry 101: Opposites Attract.

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The Remingtons: This steamy contemporary romance series features alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They're flawed, funny, passionate, and relatable to listeners who enjoy new adult romance, contemporary romance, and women's fiction. While each audiobook may be listened to as a standalone, you might enjoy listening to the entire Love in Bloom series.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
May 22
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

Susan D's Reviews ,

Fun, but oh, so romantic

After listening to this book, I want to move to the Cape and become part of Leanna's group of fun friends. I also have to wonder if there might be another man around there like Kurt. He is such a wonderful, sexy man. Their relationship is such a sweet romance. It is also very flirty, and very hot, that makes our imagination go wild. I loved this book. It was such a fun, but oh, so romantic story. The narrator, B.J. Harrison, does an outstanding job with it.

JanisLB ,

Kurt and Leanna- Opposites attract!

Hunky Kurt Remington spends his days writing thrillers. He likes his very organized, secluded life. He spends his summers on Cape Cod. Plowing into his life was Leanna Bray and of course her dog Pepper. She is his exact opposite (they say opposites attract don’t they?). B.J Harrison’s soothing voice took you through the ups and downs, ins and outs of this romance in the making. Of course Kurt was my book boyfriend du jour and I was jealous of Leanna. However, I loved their HEA!

Kirsten Ellen ,

Opposites Attrack

WOW!! Kurt & Leanna are WONDERFUL, and so different that it almost makes sense for them to find each other!! Melissa Foster has done it, yet again! Not only that, but she, again, utilizes the talents of BJ Harrison to add that extra feeling through Kurt & Leanna's beginning.

The instant chemistry between Kurt & Leanna is what everyone in life hopes for. And, her relationships with her friends and how quickly Kurt becomes part of their group! Krut finally realizes what it is like to get his head out of his creative world and explore life, while Leanna realizes what happens when she actually makes plans and figures out exactly what she wants to do.

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