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If you had the opportunity to work where, when, and with whom you wanted - all while getting paid very well - would you take it? Self-made multimillionaire and best-selling author Michael Masterson did, and with Ready, Fire, Aim he'll show you how to do the same.Whether you're thinking about starting a new business or growing an existing one, Ready, Fire, Aim has what you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavors. In it, Masterson shares the knowledge he has gained from creating and expanding numerous businesses and outlines a focused strategy for guiding a small business through the four stages of entrepreneurial growth. Along the way, you'll learn the skills needed to succeed in this dynamic environment. Discover how to:
Start a business from scratch and make it profitable quickly
Keep a growing business growing
Get other people to do almost all the hard work for you, so you are free to do the fun stuff
Position yourself as an indispensable business builder, so you can enjoy a big share of the profits - even if you are only working part time
Duplicate your winning strategy in several businesses so you never have to worry about "needing" any one of them.
Over the course of his remarkably successful career, Masterson has developed dozens of businesses, including one still growing at $300 million. Now he shows you how to outsell your competitors by implementing innovative operational procedures to reduce costs and using the power of the Internet to reduce customer complaints and increase profits.

Sean Pratt
hr min
January 15
Gildan Audio

Customer Reviews

ExcellentChoice ,

The best business book I ever read.

This has to be the best business book I have ever read in my life. "I love this book." This is the only book I have read that seems to be written from the standpoint of a winner. He has nothing to gain by given this real world business advice, he has several companies that makes millions. I will always read this book and always use the advice. Forever....

jodie ca ,

Love this book!

I picked up the book in an airport, and feel this is the best business book I've ever read after 15 years as a marketing exec and entrepreneur. It has focused my efforts in a laser sharp way. Not sure I'm crazy about the narrator's voice on the audio though....

OC iTunes ,

Good book

I like the book and the concepts makes since but it's a long and could be much shorter. I like that fact that the author provides life experiences so that you don't make the same mistakes.

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