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Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, talk about sex and marriage in down-to-earth terms, hitting issues other Christian books won't. While a wonderful wedding day is important, it's the last day of marriage that really counts. Will the last day of your marriage come prematurely through divorce? Will it be filled with regrets as you sit at the funeral of your spouse? Or, by God's grace, will the last day be a time to rejoice in the life you lived together?

Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, want you to finish well on the last day. They share private and painful issues that damaged their own marriage-including his introduction to pornography in elementary school and her abuse as a teenager at the hands of a boyfriend-and how they overcame them to experience healing and joy with each other again.
Together they tackle the tough issues, such as:
Should I confess my pre-marital sexual sin to my spouse? Is it okay to have a "work husband/wife"? Can I say no to sex when I really do have a headache? What does the Bible say about masturbation and oral sex?
From fun date night tips to the most tricky "can we do that?" sex questions, Mark and Grace share practical help and hope with people just like them-who entered marriage a complete mess-or who are planning to be married someday and want to avoid some sticky pitfalls.

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January 3
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Customer Reviews

JulieJesus ,

Terrible reader

I can't get over how awful the reader is :( it ruined the book for me

alexandrajung ,

Bible thumping nonsense

This book is about your Marriage and Jesus and god etc etc. I get that people are religious but I'm not and I'd like to keep that toxic environment out of my home. Is rather have my partner stay together because they want to not because " it's the right thing to do." I don't like this whole big brother/Santa Claus is watching so you better be good. I'm actually not religious at all but I genuinely want to be a good person because I empathize with people not just because god/Jesus/Santa Claus/simon said so. People who are religious who bought the book great but I do advise you to dig deeper there's an immeasurable bond that you are protecting with another person. Seek more knowledge. People who aren't religious I don't suggest it. It will leave you with a sense of being cheated since it doesn't address serious core issues.

Christopher Dean ,

Awesome book

This book is awesome for anyone married or hoping to be married!!! If you listen to this book it's also great to listen to Mark preach on this book's topics in his sermon series as well... You get a lot out of each.

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