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If you’ve recently come across the concept of using light as a remedy for skin problems, hair loss, aging, skin damage and other health problems, you are in for a treat because this audiobook will show you exactly how you can adopt red light therapy to do all that and more!

Many of us take light for granted. We just know it is that thing that makes us see and don’t put too much thought to them. In fact, the idea that light could be used to treat anything sounds ridiculous! But the truth is; you can use light, red light, to be specific to bring about a wide array of health benefits, some of which you may wonder how they relate to light!

So what exactly is this red light?

How does red light therapy work?

How does it bring about healing to the skin, hair and other organs and organ systems?

If you have these and other related questions about using red light fighting aging, fighting hair loss, reversing skin damage, bringing about fat loss and lots of other benefits, this audiobook is for you.

More precisely, the audiobook will teach you:
The basics of red light therapy, how it works, how it is used, its many applications, benefits, why you should go for this therapy and its possible side effects and risk factors involvedHow red light therapy helps to heal specific problems and why it is the best treatment option for these problemsHow and why near infrared red light therapy is used in treating inflammation and pain, knee and osteoarthritis pain, wrist, and hand pain and spine discomfortThe top 5 best lights and how to use them for a specific reasonHow to use your red/near infrared light systemSome frequently asked questions about red light therapy and their answersAnd much more!

David Michael Von Neupert
hr min
January 7
Raphael Merrill