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When Muslim fundamentalists blow up a key Soviet oil complex, making an already critical oil shortage calamitous, the Russians figure they are going to have to take things into their own hands. They plan to seize the Persian Gulf, and more ambitiously, to neutralize NATO. Thus begins Red Storm, an audacious gamble that uses diplomatic maneuver to cloak a crash military build-up. When Soviet tanks begin to roll, the West is caught off guard. What looks like a thrust turns into an all-out shooting war, possibly the climactic battle for control of the globe.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Michael Prichard
hr min
December 7
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

GalacticaLover ,

25 years later it's just as good.

I read this book in three sittings when it first came out because I could barely put it down. In fact, I stayed up all night to finish it. Now I've listened to it. And yes, it's just as riveting. The Hunt for Red October is Great! But when you consider the scope of this effort and all the places it could have bogged down, you have to rate this as Clancy's best effort. I certainly do. If you have any interest in Clancy books, you've already read this. So all I can say is, if you're an alien or a time traveller from the past and don't know Clancy books, get this one before you go back to your own reality.

Traveler53 ,

Great Book

This is a great book, in that it moves about on different story lines. I've been waiting for the "unabridged" version for a long time. I've heard the "abridged" version and it cuts out a lot of the story.

You'll enjoy this book. But realize it's a looong book.

HamletJMH ,

Red Storm Rising

I enjoyed this book. It is an exciting World War 3 story. The way that the events roll out are possible. I had read this book when I was younger and totally enjoyed listening to it while at work. The unabridged audiobooks by Tom Clancy are always worth the money.

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