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For vampire Aidan Murphy, life has never been so desperate. The vaccine used to treat a global pandemic has rendered human blood deadly to his kind, leaving them on the brink of starvation and civil war. In tiny Penton, Alabama, Aidan establishes a peaceful community of vampires and unvaccinated human donors. He dares to hope they can survive - until his estranged brother descends upon Penton and begins killing the humans. Determined to save his town, Aidan kidnaps an unsuspecting human doctor…and finds himself falling in love for the first time in nearly four centuries.

Dr. Krystal Harris thought she was coming to Penton for a job interview, but Aidan Murphy has other plans. Infuriated by his high-handed scheme to imprison her in the small town, Krys can’t ignore the attraction between them. But is it love? Or does her dangerous, charismatic captor want only to bend her to his will?

Angela Dawe
hr min
June 12
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Boundless Book Reviews ,

A must read

Redemption is the first book of the Penton Series, and reads as such. The introduction to the characters, community, and terminology is well developed and clear. Along with the complete story of Aidan Murphy, the “mayor,” how he came to be in Penton, settling to become the leader; we learn how he and his mate, Krys, meet.

Set during a time where life for his kind is scarce due to a vaccine given to most humans. This vaccine makes human blood poison to vampires. Penton is a community where their species can live in harmony with their families and familiars; which are humans they live with as family, who have volunteered to supply the vamps with the sustenance needed to survive.

Krys, short for Krystal, is introduced to the town as she interviews for a position at the Penton hospital. She’s a new doctor, fresh out of med school with a pile of student loans and not much else. She is in transit when she’s introduced to the community at its worse. A story you must read.

The story was well written and narrated, with an ending as abrupt as the one in this review. Overall, 4 Boundless stars; I liked it....Beth

Meganziggy ,


It was ok but I like to listen to books while I clean to keep me motivated and this book just didn't do that for me. Actually, I had to turn it off and put music on.

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