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Refinement of Manner will set you on a journey to a finer, more elegant lifestyle, while encouraging and challenging you to become the best person you can be in all areas of life. Social, career, financial, home life... you can balance it all with grace, poise, and talent you never thought you had.  

This is your way to a greater, more fascinating you! This is the book on becoming beyond mannerly to absolutely elegant and refined. Here are the tools to becoming a refined elegant woman of the 21st century.  

This book will change the way you think about manners and elegance. Learn how to navigate through a vulgar world with class, substance, and style. Improve your self-image and self-confidence once you know how to do things right, well, and elegantly. Find better ways to distinguish yourself from others while being genuine in all you say and do. Learn to take the high road when you normally explode over things.  

Here is a clear path to finding your authentic personality, learning self-control in areas of your life that have become haphazard or tired. Make more social contact, find social betterment; meet more interesting people because you are a more interesting woman.  

Here is the formula to realize your dreams and enhance your life.  

Style and class will be second nature to you once you have applied some of the principles and ideas in Refinement of Manner.  

Don't miss out on these ideas for do's and don'ts of manners and etiquette, style and sophistication. Challenging, enlightening, and life-changing.  

This book will take you through steps to become a more interesting and fascinating personality among the mundane.  

Enjoy and enhance your life and discover the lighter side - who you have always wanted to be but did not have the "tools". Grasp understanding of the right tools to be a fun loving, smart, elegant, social woman in your own right. Glean ideas, lifestyles, and facts from other elegant women and icons who have forged the way before you.  

Delight in the ideas of loving who you are becoming and realize your full potential in just a few easy steps. Truly reach your fullest potential as a refined woman. Realize a life NOW that you thought you could never attain. This book will stand the test of time and bring women into a finer way of living - above the rhetoric, games, ploys of the normal. You will become a woman of taste and sophistication.  

Moe Egan
hr min
April 30
Melanie Jarrell

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