Reiki for Beginners: Reiki Healing Step-by-Step Guide to Reiki Healing for Beginners, Simple Reiki Meditation, Try the Reiki Healing Masterclass to Improve Your Spiritual Life and to Reduce Some Ailments (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $10.99

Publisher Description

Do you want to heal your life? Do you want to develop your talents? Do you want to improve your spiritual and emotional side? Do you want to find your harmony?

Probably the situation in your life is your life are manifesting illness and disease that can be frustrating and debilitating, but can also be caused because of our mental, spiritual, and emotional sides being completely out of balance and harmony.

Try this fantastic new self-care solution to be learned in this audiobook. Discover the modern-day, self-care treatment solutions that are easily available to you within these sections. Founded on the ancient art of healing hands discovered in Japan many years ago, this ancient art has been handed down from master to student in an oral teaching method.

You will learn:

Learn how to understand each of the chakras that run through the meridians of your body, and how they interlink with one another and how affect us.
Know how to restore the balance and harmony for yourself, and how promote the natural balance
Active the various ancient Reiki symbols that bring with them the powerful healing energy forces

Learning the art of Reiki can help you to treat an assortment of illnesses by teaching you how to access the healing energy that you hold within you.

Follow the step-by-step directions for each of the hand positions for the full Reiki treatment session.

Discover how to complete an aura scan before the time, you will be able to feel the shifts in how energy moves through the body.

Natural healing solutions to depression and anxiety and can help you to face things from the past that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Reiki can not only bless and improve your own life, but once you can master the methods described within these sections, you will be able to even do distance healing for those who are not close by.

Would you like to know more? Get this audiobook now to have a better spiritual experience and heal your life.

Christopher Power
hr min
November 20
Niccolò Paglione

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