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Do you need healing and awareness in order to get rid of stress? Do you want to live the life you've always wanted?

Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy healing where it seeks the integral balance of the human being through a philosophy of life and simple techniques, thereby helping to recover health and internal energy.

The oriental thought on which Reiki is based, considers the disease as a product of an imbalance of the vital energy of the body, ki, as a result of certain acquired habits, which far from being healthy, produce a disharmony translated into known ailments.

Recognized by WHO as a complementary therapy to traditional medicine, there are several organizations that include Reiki as a therapy with allopathic medicine.

In hospitals in several countries they already obtain benefits with their admission to the public system, where Reiki is taught to health personnel as a tool of use in their daily work, as it is in the case of the USA, England, Germany, or Switzerland, and in the latter, medical insurers reimburse the cost of treatments.

In this audiobook, you will learn:

Understand the meaning of Reiki
How to start to use Reiki according to your needs
The most easier and powerful techniques you can use to improve your health everyday
The exercises you need to know to attract more energy
What do you need to know about Reiki to be happy
Discover how many Reiki's levels there are and why it’s fundamental to know them to start a better life

With this audiobook, you will learn to use your mind to your advantage by channeling and manipulating universal energy in the right away. Improve your day, your health, your surroundings, your mood and your whole life!

No longer is Reiki a course. It is a comprehensive and consistent training in:

Universal Energy
Source of holographic Commands
Universalism Christi
Contemporary Shamanism
Shamanism and Benzedura
Human Ascension
Quantum Commands
Quantum Spirituality and connection to Source

This is an audiobook that teaches balance, harmonization and increased personal energy, and universal consciousness within a very current method that is based on the quantum spirituality, the new science and spiritual traditions.

Todd Studer
hr min
July 24
BeCre Ltd