Release Me: Duff Coven, Book 1 (Unabridged) Release Me: Duff Coven, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Release Me: Duff Coven, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Callum - Long gone are the days of war, when I raised my sword and fought alongside my people, against wicked, greedy souls of our vampire kind. We were victorious over those who stood against us, and King Felipe took his rightful spot on the throne. He appointed a Coven Master for each region to watch over, guide, and protect our people. He named me Coven Master of my hometown of Beckenridge, Scotland, because of my strength, instincts, and fairness. 

Our village is made up of stone cottages we built ourselves, and is nestled between scenic heathered hills. It holds many businesses where my coven members work and thrive. We’re happy and safe here, and for over a century, we’ve lived at peace. That all changed two days ago when my coven held a Highland Games exhibition to celebrate Prince Dante’s visit and the bonding of two of my security guards, Flynn and Fletcher. 

Crowds gathered from all around to watch the events, adding excitement, energy, and unfortunately, danger into the mix. A gunman fired a shot at Ben, the prince’s consort, but his bodyguard Sam pushed him to safety and took the bullet. In the chaos of the moment, I was caught off guard by something I’d waited half a millennium for; the faint sweet scent of my mate. 

Somewhere in the screaming, rushing crowd was the man whom Fate granted to me to love, cherish, and protect for all of eternity. Unfortunately, I couldn’t search for him; my friends’ lives were hanging in the balance and I had to get them to safety. Luckily, everyone survived the ordeal, but all traces of my mate vanished in the wind. 

I hate the gunman for everything he took from me, and it’s for that reason I’ve put off interrogating him; I’m afraid I can’t be fair and unbiased when I hear his side of the story. But I know I can’t put it off any longer; I need to get answers for Dante and Sam. When I finally step into the shooter’s prison cell, I’m met with the sight of a small man cowering in the corner...and the overwhelming scent of my mate. 

This book is the first in a spinoff series following The Javier Coven, and I strongly recommend listening to those books before beginning this story. This M/M paranormal romance is for listeners 18 and up! It contains no cliff-hangers or cheating, and has a very happy HEA. It features steamy scenes between a sexy vampire and his fated mate, loads of teeth tingling sweetness, and just a touch of gore.

Eddie Herrera
hr min
August 11
Jayda Marx