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Direct, blunt, and brutally honest, Tim S. Grover breaks down what it takes to be unstoppable: you keep going when everyone else is giving up, you thrive under pressure, and you never let your emotions make you weak.

Tim details the essential traits shared by the most intense competitors and achievers in sports, business, and all walks of life. Relentless shows you how to trust your instincts and get in the Zone; how to control and adapt to any situation; how to find your opponent's weakness and attack.

Grover gives you the same advice he gives his world-class clients-"don't think"-and shows you that anything is possible. Packed with previously untold stories and unparalleled insight into the psyches of the most successful and accomplished athletes of our time, Relentless shows you how even the best get better . . . and how you can too.

Sean Pratt
hr min
December 30
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Customer Reviews

Cody Stepp ,

The best 24hr of my year

I’ve had this book for 24hr and already on my second go. I also bought the hard cover so I could highlight the best stuff. I’m out to be a cleaner, are you?

Beemur23 ,

This is not a step-by-step handbook

For those looking for the magical 5-steps this is not for you. This book is a philosophical look into what it takes to become an outlier. This book won’t hold your hand and teach you what to do next. What it will do is give you the directions and tools necessary to carve out your own path.

sjoseph1986 ,


Let me start by stating I am a huge fan of Michael Jordan and basketball and have studied the techniques of many business, sport and self motivators including Phil Jackson. I am an endurance athlete.
I am also an established business entrepreneur that would likely rank high amongst the authors scoring criteria that leads to the defining of what he calls coolers, closers and cleaners. The experiences with pro athletes are described as observations only and they are not even that interesting. He does not share a single technique or actionable method that he used on the athletes. He simply reiterates what separates these individuals from others and eventually pushes the criteria so far to the extreme limits of human capacity that the reader feels alienated. Perhaps its a placebo effect he had on these elite athletes he hopes to leave the reader with. No doubt he may have pushed them harder trainers but that could be stated in one chapter. I challenge him to work with the physically handicapped or mentally challenged. He might learn that his efforts are not as extraordinary as he claims and margins for growth are not only slim with the extremely gifted. RIP OFF

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