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Jazz singer Zoe Davis is facing eviction due to a teensy, ill-advised fling with her landlord, so when Gabe Reynolds offers the apartment over his garage, Zoe knows better than to get involved with her landlord again. No matter how smoking hot he is.

Former shark lawyer Gabe returns to Clover Park for the stress-free lifestyle only to corner the market on ridiculous "legal" cases. When Zoe comes to him asking for legal advice, Gabe's solution is a shock even to him.

Gabe's got good reason to avoid anything permanent, so when Zoe tells him she'll only be staying a month, he figures it's the perfect situation. But when passion flares this hot, someone is bound to get burned.

Charles Lawrence
hr min
October 19
Extra Fancy Books

Customer Reviews

AmyHiggs ,

Welcome Back to Clover Park

I absolutely loved everything about Restless Harmony! From Gabe and Zoe's love story to all of Gabe's brothers. The family dynamics between Gabe and his brothers had me thinking of my own family. Vinnie and Allie are a true love story. I loved that Vinnie waited three years for her. I know that the main story is about Gabe and Zoe but I adored the whole family. Zoe is looking for a lima bean and tells Gabe that he isn't her lima bean. But what if he is? You should definitely read this story and fall in love with the Reynolds/Marino clan like I did!

bh313@hotmail ,


I listened to the audio version of this one and fell in love with Zoe and Gabe! This is a great addition to the Clover Park series and one you don't want to miss.

Zoe is a singer who is working hard to get her and her band the big break they've been wanting. With all the musical talent in her family she needs this to really feel successful. Falling for the new town attorney was never in the plan. Gabe was suppose to help her with a little problem she's having with her apartment but when she finds herself rooming with the sexy attorney things get very interesting indeed.

The story was wonderful and the audio performances were fantastic. A very nice soothing listen. I highly recommend it.

kastan man ,

Zoe & Gabe

Who was your favorite character and why?
I love Gabe. He is deeply hurt by loss and it all began with losing his twin in the womb. I cannot believe he carried that pain for so long and continually blamed himself for the deaths of those around him.

Any additional comments?
Zoe misses information and holds herself to an impossible standard. She is basing her success on the past successes of her family. She also does not see the obvious about Jordan.