Rewire Your Brain: 300 Affirmations for Positive Thinking (Unabridged‪)‬

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Maybe you've felt it in your life - the feeling of frustration - of not knowing why the circumstances were not working in your favor. Perhaps you've wondered, "Why me?" Most people have grappled with such a question, but fewer ask the more important question: "How have I been responsible for these circumstances?"

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions is easier said than done for most. It is easy to get sucked into the victim mentality when things are not going your way. The world can often seem like a ruthless place to live. But, that is not true.

The truth is you are co-creating your reality with every belief, every thought and every action that you have. Your belief system will guide your thoughts. Those thoughts then influence your actions and create a filter with which you view the world. It is your unique perspective in life. What kind of perspective do you want it to be?

This positive affirmations guide consists of affirmations that cover confidence, a positive attitude, a healthy body, a strong mind and a compassionate soul. Since your thoughts are the building blocks of your reality, they should mirror the kind of world you want to live in. Do you want to live in a world of fear, anger, frustration and failure? Or, would you rather live in a world filled with hope, compassion, love, humor and good health? The choice is yours. As an adult, this has been your choice to make all along.

Allow these affirmations to change your thought patterns. Embrace the idea of letting out that optimistic, resilient and compassionate person that is within you. You will notice that when your thoughts change for the better, so does your life.

There will be moments in your life that test this wisdom and will try to block your sunshine. These circumstances will be moments where you can allow your inner peace to shine even brighter, as that is what resilience is all about. Your healthy state of mind will attract the right people into your life and will influence others in a positive way. You will feel healthier, wiser and stronger. These are the building blocks for reaching your full potential. It all starts with your thoughts.

Larry Anderson
hr min
September 16

Customer Reviews

Molihk ,

Amazing Life Changing Book

In my everyday life, I am surrounded by negative people. They think and talk negatively. They sigh; they curse. These affected my mood and even my mind set for sure. And soon I became one of them. One day, I was introduced to this audio book and I loved it since then. It is a very good way to wipe out negative data in subconscious mind by inputting positive messages. It works great to me. I listen to it anytime, like cooking, showering etc. After using it a few days, I realized I am happier, more enthusiastic and confident to things in general. I stopped to worry a lot about things even not yet happening. It amazed me how it is changing me from within and helps to see things in a totally different way.

skygirl ,

Anyone think these reviews are odd

10 of 16 submitted on the same day. Each user has a username in the exact same format: FirstNameMiddleInititalLastName with no spaces.

I have no listened to this book, but I am certainly suspicious of any audiobook that has so many fake reviews.

Cole260 ,

Great way to pivot your mindset!

The power of positivity is amazing. I had a mindset shift where I needed to obtain or positivity in my life. This audiobook has helped me remind myself of the fact that I need to be more positive in my life. Sometimes i listen to it before i get to work, other times i fall asleep to this book. It helps bury this message into my subconcious. Thanks so much!

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