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In this first volume in a three-part series, Richard Rohr develops aspects of transformation, a recurring theme in his popular presentations.

Talk One: "Jesus: Forgiving Victim, Transforming Savior". If we imitate the way Jesus lived the role of victim, we will be able to live the Christian mystery. Jesus suffers freely but does not pass on the pain. He forgives, which destroys the death that confronts us. He says, “No one else is your problem. You are the locus of conversion and transformation.”

Talk Two: "The Spirituality of Imperfection". The focus of true holiness is giving up control—a journey into letting go. This is the way of descent, a path of owning our weaknesses and allowing God to transform us.

Talk Three: "The Maternal Face of God". Rohr attends to developments in feminine consciousness to consider images of God and their evolution in our own understanding of the Divine, who is beyond gender. He considers aspects of God that can transform the spiritual understanding of both women and men.

Talk Four: "Dying: We Need It for Life". Accounts of near-death experiences provide a springboard for exploring a remarkable pattern found in all faiths. Something has to die to unleash the transformative power in all things.

Richard Rohr
hr min
March 5
St. Anthony Messenger Press

Customer Reviews

dool'e ,


Wow, it seems as though I been wandering, with good ideas and more often, with unhelpful ones. I've experienced more then a few, profound spiritual experiences. Ones that left me full of a peace, and feeling of perfection, where no one thing was moe than any other thing. Where, half out of a dream, the love I felt for a passing stranger was greater than any love I'd ever felt. The neat thing about these CDs is that the feel so true, so clean, so liberating, so how to find love. Follow Jesus. Anyone can follow him. I realized after a weekend retreat at my church, that I wanted no thing. It didn't feel unnatural, no, it felt like this was the true me. God's love is there, too often, I mean with most waking moments, I'm blocking it. It dose not go away, and is never withdrawn, still I block it, with things like to do lists. Once I do this, I need to do this, I'm not worthy. I felt perfect. I believe God is like Lava from a volcano, once it touchs you even if it's just in passing, you are changed. This was that for me.

Desir001 ,


Awesome set of talks that ring with truth. Very thought provoking with lots of insite. Positive with balance!

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