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The Ricky Gervais Guide to... THE ENGLISH.

In celebration of St. George's Day, this last episode in the present series focuses on The English - their culture, history, and how they are perceived internationally.

Join Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant, and Karl Pilkington as they take tea, maintain a stiff upper lip and generally comport themselves as fine examples of the Bulldog Breed.

In this episode: Karl harks back to halcyon days; Ritzy crackers; the archetypal Englishman; weddings; Karl on cafe culture; help the aged; Ricky's royal etiquette; dung beetles and dead badgers; fair play and the crossbow; dragon slaying and tongue-grabbing; Steve's spectacles; and Ricky reads a Brooke.

Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant & Karl Pilkington
hr min
April 20
Glyn Hughes

Customer Reviews

Atalanta.1 ,

I beg you -- Keep them coming

Another hilarious addition to the growing catalogue. I am ashamed of how eagerly I awaited the release of this. Stephen's goggles fiasco was priceless (and reminiscent of his unfortunate encounter with a fellow swimmer at a pool, retold in an earlier podcast -- in fact anything involving Stephen and water activities seems to make for hilarity). Once again I think Karl's final reaction sums it up -- he actually ENJOYS doing the audiobooks (but wait, he doesn't enjoy anything...)...

The only thing I had trouble with was the part about depression and prozac -- it hit too close to home -- so perhaps I am like Karl more than I thought... I view the humor in terms of how it relates to me (I don't mind when they make jokes involving other groups of people...)... Anyway, I highly recommend (in fact I think it is a good antidote to depression) and only hope that we will have another installment soon.

3rd grade yoga teacher ,

Somebody has to say it...

These last few guides just don't cut it. A few chuckles at best, these podcasts just don't generate a single belly laugh. I'm disappointed. It bothers me because I have followed Ricky since The Office Season 1. Ricky's done some great work...The Office (possibly the greatest TV series ever made), Extras (groundbreaking, original, genius), his original podcasts (record breaking), but the last 2 guides left me feeling sorry for him. Ricky resorts to insults and swearing to try for the laughs. If #4 & #5 were Ricky's first efforts, I doubt he would have a following at all.

Aside - I've been listening to the Adam Carolla podcast...4-5 times a week, free, much funnier than these guides, and each episode is longer than these guides. Nothing like the office but far better than these guides.

LaLa & Ed from Lompoc ,

God I Love These Guys!!!

St. George - the Rent-A-Kill.... Brilliant!!!! Karl you are amazing and totally right - PETA would have been all over George for killing the last dragon - protesting and throwing red paint on his dragon skin shoes!!!

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