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A lazy evening wind bends the sage as it passes. A lone coyote greets the dusk with a plaintive howl. Suddenly, the nearby canyon rings with the sound of echoing gunfire. There's been trouble for some time now, even before the stranger rode in. Cattle are disappearing. Good men have been killed.

Aroused by the distant thunder of rifles, the few riders that are loyal to the lady break for their horses. A stranger mounts his horse too, and becomes one of the riders heading toward the sound of the guns. Beliefs and passions become intertwined with betrayal and violence in this classic adventure tale.

Drama & Poetry
The St. Charles Players
hr min
January 27
Monterey SoundWorks

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kbkrw ,

zane has it wrong

IT'S OBVIOUS THAT ZANE GREY DID NOT DO HIS HOMEWORK ON MORMONS!!!!! He misrepresents them as being resentful to outsiders, power-hungry,& exercising unrighteous dominion over women. Right in the Mormon's own scriptures (written and practiced PRIOR to their settling in Utah) they were told they should welcome non-Mormons into their congregations if those people wanted to know the truth (Doctrine & Covenants 46:5). The Mormon's "12 Articles of Faith" (loving their neighbor--including Indians--as their selves, being Christ-like, doing good to others, being benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to ALL men) dispels every negative characterization created by Zane Grey! There are also countless women's diaries from early Utah pioneer women that dispel the fact that they were dominated by men. Their own scriptures indicate possible disfellowship/excommunication for abuse of children and women. Any unrighteous dominion was and still is a serious offense in Mormon religion. Zane Grey wrote three anti-Mormon books (Riders of Purple Sage, Rainbow Trail, & Desert Crucible) and so begs the question: did Zane Grey have an anti-Mormon agenda ? Are we to now assume that he did not do his homework on ANY of his OTHER books? How am I to now trust the homework on ANY of his other books? Zane Grey has lost all credibility with me, and even though he is a good writer, I cannot read any of his other books, because I will now always wonder what other machinations he threw into the mix!

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