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A New York Times Notable Book of the Year, winner of the Southern Book Critics Circle Award and the Lillian Smith Award.

An American epic of science, politics, race, honor, high society, and the Mississippi River, Rising Tide tells the riveting and nearly forgotten story of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. The river inundated the homes of almost one million people, helped elect Huey Long governor and made Herbert Hoover president, drove hundreds of thousands of African Americans north, and transformed American society and politics forever.

The flood brought with it a human storm: white and black collided, honor and money collided, regional and national powers collided. New Orleans’s elite used their power to divert the flood to those without political connections, power, or wealth, while causing Black sharecroppers to abandon their land to flee up north. The states were unprepared for this disaster and failed to support the Black community. The racial divides only widened when a white officer killed a Black man for refusing to return to work on levee repairs after a sleepless night of work.

In the powerful prose of Rising Tide, John M. Barry removes any remaining veil that there had been equality in the South. This flood not only left millions of people ruined, but further emphasized the racial inequality that have continued even to this day.

George Grizzard
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May 1
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Customer Reviews

Stew_engineer ,

Abridged version ruins a good book

This is a great book to read but it had been a while and I wanted to refresh and listen to it during my commute. I was very disappointed with this version. As the audio jumped over things I thought I remembered reading in the book, I discovered just how much of the valuable information the abridged version had left out. If you plan on getting all the detail, the struggle between Humpreys and Eads, between Percy and the Delta, between white and black and the unrelenting flood waters and how it changed America, this abridged version will disappoint.

nicosmom ,

This is an abridged version

I did not see this was an abridged version before making the purchase and am disappointed. I read a good deal of the book prior to buying the audio version, and the parts edited out really are an essential part of whole story. I highly recommend waiting for the unabridged version.

Careful Reader ,

Rising Tide

Excellent example of how "abridging" an excellent history can destroy the story line and leave the reader wondering what was cut. Awful editing. NEVER purchase an abridged version of anything and Do NOT purchase this item.

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