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For the US Navy’s elite team of SEALs, the mission seemed straightforward enough: take control of a towering, 10,240-foot mountain peak called Takur Ghar, a key post in their plan to smash Taliban al Qaeda in eastern Afghanistan. But the enemy was waiting, and when the Special Forces chopper was shredded by enemy fire, a red-haired SEAL named Neil Roberts was thrown from the aircraft. Roberts’ fellow SEALs were determined to bring him out—no matter what the cost. This harrowing true account captures in dramatic detail their seventeen-hour battle, fought against near-impossible odds, to save one of their own.

This is a gripping you-are-there account based on stunning eyewitness testimony and painstaking research by journalist Malcolm MacPherson.

Joe Barrett
hr min
May 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Beachbum1994 ,

Roberts Ridge

If you are a fan of Clauzewitz's "On war", then this book will show you how the "fog and friction" that Clauzewitz discusses makes the what seems easy - extremely difficult. A great book for anyone that that is interested in military history, or the war in Afghanistan. If you enjoyed "Blackhawk Down," you will enjoy this book - would make a great movie.

Thunderball04 ,

Good Tribute to fallen soldiers

The author really did his researched (or just piggy-backed on the report the LTC produced). Two things that I didn't like about this book (and kept it to only a three star rating): First, written by a civilian and it shows. Second (and my biggest beef) the person they hired to read this didn't do any kind of research in to reading this. He insisted on spelling out every acronym, like "J""S""O""C" instead of pronouncing it "Jay-sock" or do the opposite and call it "T" "F" Mountain Guard instead of Task Force Mountain Guard, and he kept using this uncommon and irritating pronunciation of Bagram. Would I recommend this? If you're civilian, sure. Military, only if my two complaints wouldn't bother you throughout the duration of the book.

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