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Bring the Room to Order and Make Sure Everyone Is Heard!

Are you struggling to run productive meetings within your organization?

If two heads are better than one, why does it seem like a room full of people can't get anything done? For well over a century, Robert's Rules of Order have provided the structure by which diverse groups of people reach a fair consensus and get there in an orderly fashion.

Robert's Rules are equally at home in the hallowed halls of government legislature and in the executive boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. Even local-level community organizations rely on Robert's Rules of Order as the ultimate authority for guiding productive and successful meetings and assemblies of any size.

When used correctly, Robert's Rules of Order ensure that the best ideas, not just the loudest, come to the surface.

Robert's Rules are designed to give everyone present a voice, and to ensure that discussion stays on topic. Robert's Rules of Order represent the gold standard in parliamentary procedure, and this venerable framework prioritizes participation, resolutions, and results.

The problem for many leaders, however, is that Robert's Rules can seem daunting, not to mention the fact that the original text is written for a 19th-century audience. We take the tedium and headache out of interpreting Robert's Rules of Order so you can get started quickly running meetings that are more inclusive, more ordered, and more productive.

The Robert's Rules QuickStart Guide from ClydeBank Media presents organizers, hosts, presidents, chairmen (and women) and any other would-be parliamentarians with a modernized, easy-to-understand, and essential breakdown of Robert's Rules of Order.

The concepts behind Robert's Rules of Order are a game changer for meetings of any size.This ability to scale, coupled with the structured approach that ensures everyone present has a voice, make it no surprise that this venerable system has withstood the tests of time.

It is hard to overstate just how helpful Robert's Rules of Order are for running a successful and productive meeting, no matter the size.

The Robert's Rules QuickStart Guide delivers time-tested wisdom in a way that's simplified and accessible for the everyday reader, so you can get started and get results faster than ever before.


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You'll Learn...

Drafting and approving bylaws
Creating and utilizing committees
The different types of motions and how to make them

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Peter Bierma
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March 21
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TerryC_YoG ,

Roberts Rules Quick Start

Content seemed good but super frustrating as audible w/no Chapter names! Expected to miss illustrations (samples, etc.) & glossary, but ALSO audible is impossible to use as a reference, or find needed topics, or return to interesting topics. Seems like gotta buy print version too to be useful. Ordering Dummies version on Amazon.