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Read by Tyler Posey

Featuring music by Jimmy Eat World, Bayside, The Dangerous Summer, Smoking Popes, Bright Eyes, Two Door Cinema Club, Death Cab for Cutie, Mayday Parade, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, and The Wonder Years.

Before Mike Henneberger was an Emmy-winning producer with credits from Comedy Central, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, and Vice, he was just another lost soul in New York City, stumbling down a path paved by mental illness and littered with pieces of a broken heart and a broken mind. 

Rock Bottom at the Renaissance: An Emo Kid's Journey Through Falling In and Out of Love in and with New York City is Mike's mixtape memoir that follows those pieces through a mental breakdown that spanned his first years as a Texas transplant in NYC, brainwashed by the New York romance that films, TV, books, and music, sold him.

Much of Rock Bottom at the Renaissance is set in a hotel room during a debaucherous weekend of self-imposed isolation and self-destructive introspection and navigates the dark tunnels of Henneberger's booze and drug-addled mind. It's larger in scope - taking in much of his past. Henneberger tells of his South Texas childhood defined by divorce, sibling rivalry, and an instability that forced him to navigate the most important years of a young man's life without a compass. He takes us through his minor successes - touring in bands, launching a magazine, and performing stand-up comedy - as he begins to wonder if the sense of confidence instilled by them is actually delusion. We get a glimpse into his time in the US Army, which was meant to increase his sense of purpose, but only increased his chemical dependencies and triggered mental illness. 

At the heart of the book are Henneberger's quest to find love and his relationship with music and the power that it has to get us through life's toughest moments.

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