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No civilization is so intertwined with the history of Christianity, and the greater Western world, as Rome. Now, you are invited to explore ancient Rome’s legacy with award-winning professor and prolific author Christopher M. Bellitto.

In this fascinating audio course on the Roman monarchy, republic, and empire, you will explore the essentials of Roman civilization: the creation of a city at the center of world history, its political legacy, its architectural and cultural achievements, its treatment of women and slaves, and its tragic flaws.

You will begin by placing ancient Rome in world history by looking at its origins and contexts in terms of geography and chronology. You will then explore the overlooked monarchy that ran for over two centuries until it was replaced by a republic that slowly took over the Mediterranean for 500 years. You will follow Rome as it defeated Carthage in three Punic Wars, facing challengers like Hannibal.

As you travel from the Republic to the Empire to Rome’s eventual “fall,” you will encounter such infamous figures as Julius Caesar, Octavian, Marc Antony, Cleopatra, Caligula, and Nero. You will see how paganism, Judaism, and Christianity interacted, often violently, and how Christianity transformed a stumbling empire. Finally, you will ask whether Rome truly fell at all.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.

Christopher M. Bellitto
hr min
December 5

Customer Reviews

Odin Anderson ,

Excellent survey of ancient Rome

This is an audio course taught by a lively history professor, Chris Bellitto. Bellitto shows how the Roman’s lives, thought, taught and built. I like that it is much more than a series of names and dates. Bellitto makes this fascinating history come alive with vivid stories. Fun and informative.

Winston Bloom ,

An immersive history

Chris Bellitto provides an excellent basis to the history of ancient Rome. This intro course is a delightful journey into the past from the perspective only centuries of time can provide.

Learning about the Roman gods, emperors, civil wars, and daily life has never been more interesting to me.

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