Roman: Iron Tzars MC, Book 2 (Unabridged) Roman: Iron Tzars MC, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Roman: Iron Tzars MC, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Winter -- My life hasn’t been easy. For so long, my sister has been the only one I could rely on. When we were teenagers our father sold us to sexual predators who hurt us. We both have the scars to prove it. But we were rescued, and I got revenge for both of us. That was over a decade ago. I love the home we found with Black Reign, but now it’s time to move on. To live outside the cocoon the club wrapped us in. Another club who’s found a girl in a situation similar to the hell we left behind all those years ago may be our answer. One man in particular calls to me on a primitive level. His name is Roman. And I want him for my own.

Roman -- I’m the enforcer for Iron Tzars. Violence is in the job description. Never thought I’d find myself attracted to a woman as fragile as Winter. She and her sister have been through a lot, but there’s a core of iron in her. She’s stronger than she looks, and the fight in her stirs the primitive Alpha male inside me. It’s time I show her she’s more than the sum of her scars. She’s a friggin’ goddess.

Umi Markkanen
hr min
December 8
Changeling Press LLC

Customer Reviews

S1098765 ,

Emotionally gratifying

MMC/FMC- Roman and Winter
POV- 1st person dual
Genre- MC Romance
Heat- 🌋🌋. Focus is more emotional than physical, although they do the things.
Series? Y, and this series is related to other series by this author.
Safety? N. There’s no cheating, but there’s extensive discussion about abuse, S.A., and trafficking. Other triggers include graphic violence, language, and explicit erotic content.
Narration Review- narration is top notch, as always. I could probably listen to Umi read the phone book. She is really good at conveying feeling and meaning, and she is so good at doing even the male voices that I forget that her base voice presents as female. She’s spot on.
Story review- this isn’t a very tropey romance novel and it’s far more emotional and cerebral than sizzling. The hero and heroine are on an emotional journey; the heroine is severely traumatized and must work through residue from that and learn to trust the Hero so that she can accept and give romantic love and, eventually, physical love. The heroine is strong and the hero is kind and patient with her, despite being an Alpha Male. Despite the emotional weight, this story is not by any means a downer. It’s a triumph of the characters and is very good, even though the triggers are difficult. If the material could trigger you, be wary and maybe consider a different book by this author, but if you are able to get past that, the read is very satisfying and gratifying. Definitely worth it.
I was fortunate enough to receive an advance review copy of this audiobook for free and this is my honest and voluntary review.