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A new Ruby, but as snappy and sassy as ever. Our futuristic sleuth faces some grotesque new adversaries in screwball locations as she battles the manipulators of the electronic media. Will Ruby defeat the detractors of the truth and protect the perspective of credulous consumers, or desiccate in the dreadful desert of the Great Boosbooszees? From Kismet to the Ossirian Islands, Ruby's escapades move, twist, and shimmy!

A full cast production.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Meatball Fulton
hr min
January 5
ZBS Foundation

Customer Reviews

JasonSpeaking ,

An excellent sequel!

Ruby 2 is every bit as enjoyable as Ruby, but a touch more existential and surreal. the commentary on media and electronics, though are every bit as relevant today as when this was first performed in the 1980's. If you like bizarre and quirky Sci-fi that's often thought provoking (think Doctor Who meets Xena as written by the love child of Marshal Mcluhan and Philip K. Dick) then you'll love this show.

AdamWhitlatch ,

Doesn’t live up to the original

This installment is hardly anything like the first Ruby adventure. The constant “ads” and skits are annoying, particularly the “Digital Dentist” segments. Similarly, the segments focusing on Rodant and his mother were pointless and repetitive. There was hardly any story. Really, the only redeeming moment of the entire “story" in in the first ten minutes with the drunk Teru being plagued by chicquita birds.

Apparently Ruby 3 is much better. I certainly hope so, because Ruby 2 (both the story and the character) had none of the appeal of the original Ruby.

Kildozer ,

Quite a Step in the Wrong Direction!

This was a big disappointment after the fun of the original Ruby. The original was smart, sexy and funny with a fairly clear narative, but Ruby 2 is just a mess! It's all over the place with different characters taking center stage at different times. It's a real "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks!" approach and it's just about a total disaster! The new Ruby has almost none of the appeal (Sexual or otherwise) of the original, and most of the better characters from the first show are all but wasted! Ruby 1 does show up about half way through for a few episodes and that helps for a while, but the show ends up just kind of collapsing under it's own weight and I couldn't wait for it to end. I understand that after this mess, Fulton and company got back on track with Ruby 3, but unfortunatly, that seems to be the only Ruby series not currently available on iTunes.

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