RV Adventure to Explore the Wild & Wonderful Alaska & Canada: A Budget Friendly Guide to Visit Alaska & Canada in a RV (Unabridged‪)‬

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Why visit Canada and Alaska in a RV? Here are a few reasons that may convince you to do just that.

Alaska and Canada are possibly two of the most picturesque places in North America. They are both great places to travel to get away from it all and simply take a breath of fresh air. There are breathtaking landscapes, wilderness, Northern Lights, beautiful glaciers, and laid-back cities to visit.

For many good reasons, Alaska and Canada are on the top of many travelers’ lists. They both are particularly good summer destination to escape the heat in the lower 48 states.

Reasons to visit Canada:

To see the Northern Lights
To visit the Famous Arctic and Yukon wildlife preserves
To visit the famous Glacier National Park
To see the highest and tallest tides of the world (average four-story high)
To enjoy whale-watching
To see Niagara Falls
To visit the Hockey Hall of Fame
To visit the Museum of World Religions

Reason to visit Alaska:

To watch grizzly bears fish from the river
To taste the fresh king crab and salmon
To enjoy ice-climbing and glacier-hiking
To visit a few “Gold Rush” sites in person
To visit the North Pole and Santa Clause House
To visit W.S. Elias National Park, the largest National Park in the US
To see all the breathtaking view of the Alaskan wilderness
To see the Northern Lights

In this guide, I share my knowledge and findings from the many trips we have taken. I will show you how to prepare and what to pack for a great RV trip up north. For each of the provinces, I suggest a guided trip route along with what and where to stop, where to stay, how much each of the RV parks may cost you, and what amenities each of the parks offer.

You'll find information on:

Must-see places
Suggested RV parks along every route
RV camping at the national parks
City visits - what to see and do
Ways to travel on a tight budget

Go out and enjoy the vast wilderness and breathtaking beauty of Alaska and Canada. I guarantee you will enjoy it more than any other RV trips you have ever taken. That’s a promise!

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Ric Chetter
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May 12
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