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Want to learn the insider secrets of the top-one-percent sales achievers? Discover the inspiring techniques of 20 sales VIPs so you can climb the ranks and bring in the biggest commissions of your career.  

Fed up with the same old sales results? Tired of advice from so-called sales gurus who don't actually sell for a living? Want to learn closing techniques from real-world doers? 

Account director, podcast host, and top-one-percent-achiever Scott Ingram has spent his whole life obsessed with sales. With nearly two decades of sales experience under his belt, he’s ready to share 60 inspiring stories to help you finally sell like a heavy hitter.   

Sales Success Stories - 60 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals is a powerful collection of the tales of triumph - and failure - from 20 amazing sales MVPs. Divided into four motivating sections covering mind-set, relationships, sales careers, and sales processes, this audiobook will show you how high achievers sustain stellar results on a daily basis. If you’re an ambitious and dedicated professional ready to climb the ladder to the top, then you need this road map to career victory!   

In Sales Success Stories, you'll discover: 

Real-world anecdotes shared by successful professionals so you can learn from their hard-earned wisdom 
How the top sales producers get to the top and the skills required to stay there 
Relationship-building methods to help you win and keep customers over and over again 
Ways to accelerate your sales career so you can beat your rivals to the top 
The secrets of the pros, from prospecting and pitching to negotiating and closing and much, much more!   

Sales Success Stories is the groundbreaking collection of real-world sales successes you need to take your game to a whole new level. If you like practical techniques, professional wisdom, and street-smart insights, then you'll love Scott Ingram's motivational manual.  

Buy Sales Success Stories to uncover the secrets of the sales pros today!

Business & Personal Finance
Scott Ingram, Various
hr min
October 17
Top 1% Publishing

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