Sales Surge Sequel: Another 50 Secrets to Boost Your Sales Success with Less Stress and More Fun! (Unabridged‪)‬

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Are you determined to reduce your stress and enjoy a more productive sales career? Are you looking to start your career with a surge of success habits that will last a lifetime? Are you sick and tired of chasing quotas and goals, only to fall short? Why is it that some sales professionals launch to seemingly instant success while others languish for months, years, or decades? Are there secrets that sales winners understand and put into action that others do not? 

This book will continue pulling back the curtain on the real world of professional sales, so you can reach toward the success you’ve been dreaming of. As you learned in the first book, Sales Surge: 50 Secrets to Boost Your Sales Success with Less Stress and More Fun!, there are no guaranteed results, and this book won’t be a magic wand to instantly transform your career from mediocre to off-the-charts awesome. But what it will do is help you improve and make you better than you are today. In the book, you'll learn many more success "secrets" that sales winners have already learned. Better yet, you’ll realize that you may already be incorporating many of these 50 secrets into your daily sales activities. Especially if you listened to the first book and put those tips into action! Perhaps many more of the “secrets” are techniques you can put into effect today to help you improve and grow.  

Because the truth is, they aren’t secrets at all. These are proven success principles and tips that have been used and taught by successful sales professionals for centuries. In fact, we’ll continue highlighting and linking to other thought leaders, books, and resources that can help you continue your journey toward higher levels of sales success. This is the continuation of a journey that never ends. You deserve a sales career that takes off and surges to higher levels. You deserve a career with less stress and much more fun and enjoyment. So let’s continue our Sales Surge journey!

Business & Personal Finance
Jeremy Albret
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November 11
Rick Schultz