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Danger lurks in the shadows...A place where the brave tread warily... Jack Walker has returned from the rescue of his girlfriend with a small band of survivors. Their harrowing journey from the Middle East included a stop at the CDC where they learned vital information about the ferocious new species that hunt at night. The night runners dominate the landscape and a world turned upside down by the sudden death of billions. With humanity on the brink, the small group must carve out a sanctuary against the nightly onslaught from night runners on the prowl for food. They must enter into darkened buildings in search of supplies; darkened buildings that are now the domain of the night runners.

Danger lurks with each step and death lies in waiting for the unwary. Jack and the group must stay one step ahead of the game; a game where the night runners continue to adapt to this new world. Will his training and instincts be enough? Will this last remnant of humanity make it through this next phase of survival?The shadows await... beckoning.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Mark Gagliardi
hr min
December 29
John O'Brien

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montana4 ever ,

Sanctuary, A New World

John keeps you wanting more.

AudioBookReviewer.com ,

Because this is by far the best story line yet!

Have you heard of the term used when describing a book that is not the first in the series, called Sequel Syndrome? Meaning that the latter book suffers from either a lack of direction or is less intense than the original series opener.

John O’Brien has found a way for this term to not even come close to describing Sanctuary, Book 3 of the A New World series. Because this is by far the best story line yet!

While many of the characters in the first two books could be described one dimensional or shallow. I think that was because they really only had one thing on their minds, their immediate survival. O’Brien was able to bring so much more emotional intrigue to many of the survivors from the previous books. For example, Jack Walker, our main protagonist, group leader, goes through so much this time around. At one point I thought he was just going to give up.

Sanctuary picks up almost right after we leave the gang in Return. Now what is the group to do? Not live the apocalypse out in an airplane, that’s for sure. Now they must find somewhere for a, um, sanctuary. Much of this book was was spent securing a location, gathering supplies and making an action plan for the future. With many excellent highly entertaining military style skirmishes. Building up for future books, I can see why this series has been able to go on for as long as it has.

One of my favorite parts of this book was a quite shocking death in the party. Proving again, much like Glenn did in the Walking Dead, that no one is safe. This even sends Jack, especially, in to an emotional tailspin. Followed by an even stronger determination and resolve.

Then there is the issue of the seemingly smarter than the rest Night Runners. Sending picture messages to the others in him pack to tell them what to do. The one who thinks he would be able to talk, but the others of kind would not be able to understand. Parts of this book are even told from this ones POV. I loved every second of it, it makes me giddy when the zombie becomes the story teller.

So much was set up for the next book, I am really excited for what might be coming.

If you have listened to the first two books, you will have to listen to Sanctuary, because, so far it is the best in the series. TOns of action and violence, just they way I like it. Several heartfelt moments. Plus a highly unique twist on the standard zombie, which I think has a lot to offer us in the coming books.

This was hands down the best performance, that I have heard, by Mark Gagliardi. He was able to evoke so much emotion, he made me feel Jack’s pain and furry. Just when I thought that was over, and I started to get used to the story unfolding, he did it again. I have been choked up by very few narrations in the past and when it does happen, it is a sign of brilliant performer. In just three books he Gagliardi has become so much more confident and his range continues to increase. I am going to go stalk other books he has worked on.

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