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New York Times Bestseller

A Summer Reading Pick for President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg

From a renowned historian comes a groundbreaking narrative of humanity’s creation and evolution—a #1 international bestseller—that explores the ways in which biology and history have defined us and enhanced our understanding of what it means to be “human.”

One hundred thousand years ago, at least six different species of humans inhabited Earth. Yet today there is only one—homo sapiens. What happened to the others? And what may happen to us?

Most books about the history of humanity pursue either a historical or a biological approach, but Dr. Yuval Noah Harari breaks the mold with this highly original book that begins about 70,000 years ago with the appearance of modern cognition. From examining the role evolving humans have played in the global ecosystem to charting the rise of empires, Sapiens integrates history and science to reconsider accepted narratives, connect past developments with contemporary concerns, and examine specific events within the context of larger ideas.

Dr. Harari also compels us to look ahead, because over the last few decades humans have begun to bend laws of natural selection that have governed life for the past four billion years. We are acquiring the ability to design not only the world around us, but also ourselves. Where is this leading us, and what do we want to become?

Featuring 27 photographs, 6 maps, and 25 illustrations/diagrams, this provocative and insightful work is sure to spark debate and is essential reading for aficionados of Jared Diamond, James Gleick, Matt Ridley, Robert Wright, and Sharon Moalem.

Science & Nature
Derek Perkins
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August 15

Customer Reviews

WiseOctoPop ,


Love the book only problem is that he takes a lot of extra time describing theories debunking or agreeing which would be fine great even if they weren’t in the middle or the beginning of the things he’s talking about so if you aren’t familiar you just sit there just trying to piece it together

YellowMini321 ,

Irrelevantly Anti-religious

Annoying to read from the prolific and irrelevant anti-religious banter. Could remove all the anti-religious opinions and have an actual book instead of the longest atheist Op-Ed ever.

The author states all religions are false cults in every chapter and it’s always irrelevant to whatever the topic is. It’s clear he has an extremely low opinion of religions but he attempts to pass his opinions as facts. The tirades never support whatever he’s talking about.

LisaPoupou ,

A Transcendent Mix of Disciplines: A Review of “Sapiens”

“Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari is a transformative read that masterfully intertwines anthropology, history, and philosophy to present a riveting exploration of humanity’s journey. The book stands out not just for its content, but for its interdisciplinary approach that makes it a uniquely compelling read.

Harari offers a fresh perspective on the Agricultural Revolution, asserting it may not have been the ‘progress’ we typically believe it to be. He provocatively suggests that the shift from hunter-gatherers to settled farming actually increased labor and disease, forcing a reassessment of what truly constitutes progress.

This exploration, drawing from diverse academic disciplines, offers a well-rounded perspective on our shared past. The use of anthropology provides deep insight into our societal and cultural changes, history gives us a contextual timeline of events, and philosophy urges us to question and redefine our understanding of progress and advancement.

“Sapiens” is more than a history book; it’s a thought-provoking journey that challenges preconceived notions and compels us to critically analyze our understanding of human history. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a transformative reading experience and a fresh perspective on what it means to be human.

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