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Guaranteed to give the student a solid core list of words for the SATs. Unlike most SAT prep courses, this short concise audiobook is laser focused on the words themselves. It does not wear down and intimidate the student with length and breadth. This list was first developed at Choate, the distinguished American preparatory school with a wide range of graduates ranging from Adlai Stevenson and John F. Kennedy to Edward Albee and the actor Michael Douglas. Choate had a long honored tradition of not only getting its graduates into Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, but also having over 75% of them graduate in the top half of those classes. Choate, along with Andover and Exeter, were the only schools that the Harvard Admission Office would predict their students would have a higher grade point than at their high school.

It is from this tradition of laser focused learning that this SAT prep audiobook comes. The words were first put forth by a legendary teacher, John Joseph, as the core 100. "Get these right and we can move on; but first get these memorized." As the audiobook says, Choate had the confidence to start simply with a foundation in a subject before moving to greater efforts. This is such an audiobook.

The SAT words have remained largely the same over 50 years. A comparison to other texts indicates that about 98% of the words have been the same over this period, as an educated listener would expect. After this basic non-intimidating approach, a student can move on to the SAT and GRE 500 Words. But first start at the beginning.

With the Core 100 words students will enjoy the speed at which they master this foundation of the language without having to wade through a long audiobook to get to this core knowledge. The very shortness encourages students to relisten to master this core subject.

Kids & Young Adults
Deaver Brown
hr min
January 25
Simply Media

Customer Reviews

Beshemoth ,

Pretty bad...

Thankfully this was only $2 or I'd be really pissed. He talks about the cd itself way too long (2 of the 3 chapters!), he doesn't speak clearly, and doesn't sound like he's even rehearsed before recording. When he starts giving the definitions it's hard to tell when he's moved on to the next word because he gives no verbal cues. He just starts spewing words.

GREstudying ,

Waste of money

The author spends nearly half of this short CD talking about the CD itself, rather than giving word definitions. The definitions are good enough as far as definitions go I guess however, this is a total rip off. The speaker says that the CD with 500 words includes these 100 words in them. Why would someone get this CD if they were going to get the other one?

DaisyBee! ,

Good Concept, bad Audiobook

While I appreciate that the words themselves are a pretty solid foundation, the audio book is formatted in such a way as to make it impractical at best to use for study. The author spends too much time explaining why you should use them & his background with them, and not nearly enough time on the words themselves. His presentation of the words, where he basically reads the list with each word's two word definition all the way through (without a breath!), is hard to digest and distracting. If you're looking for a way to study vocabulary by audio, Tyrannosaurus Prep has some good podcasts, but I've yet to find anything with the kind of breadth that I'm looking for (like a core 100, 500 or 1000) in a format that fits my learning style.

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