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He’s the man. He should be saving her. But instead, she’s the one saving him.

After surviving a few combat fights in the military, Bart Miller is suffering from a severe case of PTSD. No matter how hard he tries, life on the ranch just isn’t the same anymore. His family thinks he’s improving, but they don’t know about the night terrors that plague him almost every night.

Ever since Missy got laid off her beloved job as a veterinary technician, she’s struggling to make ends meet. No one wants to hire her in their small town since they associate her with her Dad, who was the town drunk. Then Mrs. Miller offers her a job at the wealthy Miller Ranch - making 15 dollars an hour!

Strangers in the night both trying to find their way, Bart and Missy end up meeting in the most unlikely of circumstances. Missy may just be the only person who can help Bart begin his journey to healing. But will Mrs. Miller see it that way? Especially since Missy is somewhat off limits as an employee at the Miller Ranch...

Author’s Note:

Saving Her Cowboy is a sweet contemporary western romance novel that is sure to sweep you off your feet! It’s the second book of a five-book series of standalones about each of the wealthy but humble brothers of Miller Ranch finding true love. Each book has stellar reviews. And all five novels are now completed! So you can binge listen without having to wait for the next in series!

Brothers of Miller Ranch:

Her Second Chance Cowboy
Saving Her Cowboy
Her Rival Cowboy
Her Fake-Fiance Cowboy Protector
Taming Her Billionaire Cowboy

Brothers of Miller Ranch is based off a historical western romance series I wrote called Brides of Miller Ranch. And you’ll find stories from Ben and his brothers’ ancestors of the 1800's intertwined throughout this modern take off of Miller Ranch. That series can only be found in my Brides and Twins Mail Order Bride Compilation. Enjoy!

Josh Musser, for HG Productions
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May 14
Kenzo Publishing