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From terror attacks to the War on Terror, bursting real estate bubbles to crystal meth epidemics, sexual predators to poisonous toys from China, our list of fears seems to be exploding. And yet, we are the safest and healthiest humans in history. Irrational fear is running amok, and often with tragic results. In the months after 9/11, when people decided to drive instead of fly-believing they wee avoiding risk-road deaths rose by 1,595. Those lives were lost to fear.

The Science of Fear is a disarmingly cheerful roundtrip shuttle to the new brain science, dissecting the fears that misguide and manipulate us every day.

As award-winning journalist Daniel Gardner demonstrates, irrational fear springs from how humans miscalculate risks. Our hunter-gatherer brains evolved during the old Stone Age and struggle to make sense of a world utterly unlike the one that made them. Numbers, for instance, confuse us. Our "gut" tells us that even if there aren't "fifty thousand predators...on the Internet prowling for children," as a recent U.S. Attorney General claimed, then there must be an awful lot. And even if our "head" discovers that the number is baseless and no one actually knows the truth-there could be one hundred thousand or five-we are still more fearful simply because we heard the big number. And it is not only politicians and the media that traffic in fearmongering. Corporations fatten their bottom lines with fear. Interest groups expand their influence with fear. Officials boost their budgets with fear. With more information, warnings and scary stories coming at us every day from every direction, we are more prone than ever to needlessly worry.

Real-world examples, interviews with experts, and fast-paced, lean storytelling make The Science of Fear an entertaining and enlightening tour. Ultimately, by revealing the psychology behind the many ways our "gut" reactions lead us astray and allow others to manipulate us. The Science of Fear will make you brave.

Scott Peterson
hr min
July 20
Gildan Audio

Customer Reviews

Ochoa886 ,

Great read

This was a required book to read for college my sophomore year to understand the different rhetorical devices are applied in today’s era to become self aware. I am not a book worm, but this book is 5/5. I loved it.

Nick-WTF ,

Very good

This audiobook was a great listen for anyone with a curious mind. Very interesting.

Bang_Splat ,

Paradigm changing

This book is a must read/listen. I actually bought it in hard back to give to all my employees. It's actually humerous to watch the news now.

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