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Esther's seabound world has changed. Her revolutionary energy technology allows ships to sail long distances and has ended the Catalina's isolation policy. With the changes come new responsibilities for Esther - and new dangers for the people she loves.

After a shocking revelation from a reclusive colony on land, Esther must embark on one final rescue mission. Old enemies surface on the voyage, but Esther won't anticipate her biggest threat. She might not like the answers she finds on the ravaged coast.

Land is waiting. Can she survive it?

Listen to the epic conclusion to the Seabound Chronicles!

Kids & Young Adults
Ray Greenley
hr min
February 27
Jordan Rivet

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out of the sea and onto land

Seafled is the third novel in the trilogy called The Seabound Chronicles by Jordan Rivet. Esther, a ship’s mechanic, and David, a new ship’s captain, live in a world where extreme climate events have forced people to live on the sea in a variety of vessels like ships and barges. Through re-development of communications technology, it has become clear that clusters of people have survived on land as well as at sea. Excited by the news, David puts his plans to travel to land into high gear. And people begin the search for their loved ones through this communications network. When shocking news arrives from a reclusive colony on land, Esther convinces the crew heading to land to switch their travel plans and head to this colony. However, the closer they get, they begin to realize that the people on land might have all the same kinds of inter-colony challenges that they have encountered at sea.

Seafled brings our cast of characters out of the sea and onto land, changing the scope of the story dramatically. However, regardless of the change in setting, this story is just as fast-paced and action-filled as the previous two novels. It actually changes and expands the challenges that Esther, David, and their crew face. Also, adding the politics of the people living on land and the different kinds of challenges they have encountered adds another layer to this world. Again, there were a lot of new characters, but for the most part, it wasn’t too difficult to keep track of them, perhaps because their experiences were so different from the sea-bound characters. In addition to the action and suspense, it was great to observe the clashes between the two groups that had been living such a different life for so long. It was a little odd that it wasn’t completely obvious how nature had negatively affected the land-bound people just that they had lost their infrastructure. There was also a small glimpse into how people had become nomadic immediately after the disaster, which was interesting to learn about. The story wraps up neatly without leaving any obvious loose ends, bringing our protagonist, Esther, finally to a, at least seemingly, calm place.

The narration by Ray Greenly was as well done as before, with unique voicing and characterization for the different characters. The production quality was good. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes unique action-adventure post-apocalyptic stories

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