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After working hard all day, creating his beautiful metal sculptures, sinfully sexy Hunter Lacroux likes to unwind with a hot, sexy babe - or two. But after spending a handful of naughty nights with seductive and beautiful Jana Garner, the woman who challenges everything he does and says, Hunter wants more.

As a dancer, boxer, actress, and waitress, Jana is tough, organized, and as dedicated as she is committed. She has to be to maintain her crazy schedule. But when it comes to men, Jana's had a string of bad relationships, and there's only thing she'll commit to - not committing.

White-hot passion ignites every time Jana and Hunter are together, but the closer Hunter gets, the faster Jana runs. When Hunter lays on the charm, Jana throws out a challenge she's sure he can't meet, and Hunter steps up to the plate, forcing her to face her hurtful past or let go of him forever.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
December 5
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

ajmeyer17 ,

Hunter & Jana..An Explosive Couple!

Hunter owns an metal sculpting business with his brother Grayson. Jana is a former dancer, a dance instructor, sometimes waitress as well as an amateur boxer. Both Hunter and Jana have both shun relationships. Even though they seem to fight whenever they are around each other, they cannot deny the chemistry between them. One drunken night together turns into a six month no-strings attached arrangement. As their relationship begins to flourish, Jana's insecurities seem to get in her way preventing her to fully commit to Hunter. Hunter is a patient man and is determined to help Jana set herself free from her insecurities. Jana is sure Hunter will leave her once she reveals the drama from a previous relationship. When he doesn't judge her, she starts to believe they can make a go at a real committed relationship.

This is a great story about overcoming insecurities and finally letting one trust that love can conquer all. BJ Harrison does a mighty fine job.

jennifermitchell75 ,


I love ALL of Melissa Foster's books. I love Hunter and Jana's story. These 2 are now my favorite Seaside characters. This book has everything you need in a good book. I feel a really good book should have sweet moments and super sexual hot moments. Melissa doesn't disappoint. I love how we get to catch up with past characters from the Seaside series. Thank you Melissa for writing another hot book...BJ Harrison did an amazing job with the narration.

CharlotteL16 ,

so many feelings

Once again BJ Harrison did a wonderful job sharing Melissa Foster's story with the listeners. As the narrator, BJ, does a gret job changing his voice, his tone, his cadence, and sending the characters feelings through the words. I could recognize which character was speaking just by the tone of his voice. The feelings each character was easy to pick up on and added so much to the listening of Seaside Embrace.

Oh My Gosh!!! Let me introduce you to Hunter Lacroux. Woo Wee… talk about steamy, sex, hot! He is all that and more. While he is a tough man on the outside he has the biggest, purest, sweetest (he’d hate that) heart of any of the Love in Bloom men. That says a lot because there are a lot of amazing men in this series. A few of them I have claimed as my own book crush but Hunter is the top dog(he’d love that).

Seaside Embrace starts a little different than the rest of this series as that the characters are already in a hot steamy relationship, well not a relationship that they would admit to, but a bed buddies relationship. This threw me for a loop. I had to stop and think about this before continuing reading. It seemed odd that they had a relationship before the story even started. But I loved it and was hooked before I finished the first page.

Jana Garner is just as amazing of a character. I absolutely love how strong she is. She speaks her mind, holds her own, isn’t afraid to push for what she wants, and just never gives up. Yet, she has this soft side, this side that is begging for someone to sweep in and take care of her. Hunter is applying for that job of caretaker, lover, supporter, and #1 man.

Of course, my favorite part of this book is the friendships. The women of Seaside are amazing. They love with their whole hearts, protect what and who is theirs, laugh, smile, and are just the best. They accept new comers to their group without question. Even now with babies and hubbies thrown into the mix they still have time to chunky-dunk and just be together.