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Tony Black is the hottest surfer on the planet. He travels the world throughout the year and spends his summers on Cape Cod with his friends, at the Seaside cottages in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. He's got his choice of women, but Amy Maples is the one he wants. Fourteen years ago she was his for an entire summer, until a devastating accident changed everything, and what they had seemed like it had never existed - at least for her.

Amy Maples is as consistent as the day is long. She's spent summers on Cape Cod forever, she always does the right thing, and she's spent years trying to reclaim the heart of Tony Black, the only man she's ever loved. She's back for a summer of fun with her friends at Seaside, only this year she's been offered the opportunity of a lifetime thousands of miles away, and she's decided to try one last time to reconnect with Tony. But having a relationship with Tony means dealing with her past - and dealing with her past may knock her to her knees.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
October 25
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

DenaDonnatelli ,

Amy & Tony

I listened to the audiobook after reading the book and always feel I get so much more out of the story.

Second chance romance and facing a painful shared past by bringing it out in the open. That's what this summer brings to the Cape for Tony Black and Amy Maples. Former secret lovers fourteen years ago, they shared their love and then shared a tragedy. Amy unable to deal with it, pushed Tony away and went their separate ways.

Tony went on to become the world class surfer he'd always dreamed of being and a motivational speaker, returning to Seaside each summer to see the only woman he truly loves, but only as her friend and protector.

Amy went on to build herself a successful business, always trying to do the right thing, trying to please her father and trying to get Tony to notice her as a woman and not just his friend.

With their Seaside friends, all of whom have found love, they spend the summer in Wellfleet, Massachusetts once again. Faced with an amazing business opportunity, Amy gives it one last shot with Tony. If they can't find their way this summer she's going to take the job in Australia. Tony would like nothing better than to build a future with Amy, but how can they without dealing with the past once and for all and putting it to rest?

Tony is such a great guy. His love is so deep. Forever sweet Amy was lucky to have her girlfriends to give her the strength and support she needed. The road back to each other was not an easy one, fraught with mistakes and fear.

Can Tony risk Amy throwing him away again? Does Amy have the courage to deal with their tragedy? They both had family issues to deal with and realizations that only come with being an adult.

B. J. Harrison does a great job narrating and has the kind of voice that is mesmerizing at times and yet manages to pull the emotions of the characters throughout the story.

Melissa Foster manages to make you cheer this couple along although at times I did want to swat Amy upside the head. Facing your past with all its’ secrets and ghosts is never easy, but as Amy and Tony find out - it’s the only way to truly move forward.

Five stars

Pattyfgd ,

Sweet and passionate

Seaside Secrets
Love in Bloom: Seaside Summers
By: Melissa Foster
Narrated by: B.J. Harrison

There is nothing better than escape to Cape Cod. Melissa Foster takes us there once again with Seaside Secrets. Amy is so conscientious and loyal, her life has become consistent and a little boring. She let the love of her life go years ago, and now with an opportunity to take a job in Australia has come up and she has to make a decision. The biggest problem is that love is back for the summer. Tony Black is a surfer, and he and Amy were hot an heavy. But circumstances split them apart, and they have kept their secret. Their friendship has grown, but now with Amy on the verge of a new adventure, will Tony be able to let her go? This is sweet and passionate, and I loved every minute of their story. I love both of these characters. Amy is confident in her ability, but a little insecure when it comes to men. Her heart was given away, and she can't get it back! Tony is more worldly, but when it comes to romance, this man has all the moves. He is swoony! And not only is their story a great listen, but the camaraderie of all the women and men from previous stories makes this series a fantastic ensemble piece. It really gives us a feeling of friends, family and community. Another wonderful listen!

BJ Harrison continues his narration of this series. He easily melds into his voices, keeping them all consistent throughout the books. I enjoy his story telling and look forward to more.

Blues Girl 94 ,

Lots of emotion

This book just tugged at my heart strings. Amy has been in love with Tony forever. Tony has never stopped loving Amy. Years ago, one night changed everything for them and Amy tries to forget the night that changed their lives forever.

She keeps what happened that night a secret from everyone including her besties in seaside. She wants to move from the past but wants to have Tony in her life. Tony wants to be in Amy's life but neither know that the other wants them. They both feel like they are just friends. Tony and Amy finally come together and deal with what happened when they were so young. By dealing with the past, they are able to come together and fall back in love and move forward.

I was so happy to see Tony and Amy get their happily ever after just like the rest of the seaside crew. This book along with the rest of the Seaside books are a must read and listen to. I love the narrator as he does the other Seaside books. You will feel like you are right there at the beach with everyone.

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