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Secret Ceremonies is the story of the awakening of Deborah Laake. A devout Mormon, she attended Brigham Young University, received good grades, was popular - but most of all, she found the One, the man who declared that his claim to her was a matter of divine revelation. Thus, while still in her teens she was married in the sacred chambers of a Mormon temple.

From there her life began to disintegrate. Divorced by age 20 from a man she never loved, barred from the Mormon temple and threatened with excommunication, she found her depression deepening. Still trying to live up to the church's expectations, she married again, unaware that the resulting mental illness would propel her into a hospital ward of unabashed psychotics. It was there, among the truly unconventional, that she somehow recognized a modern world beckoning to her from beyond the closed patriarchal society that had always sheltered her yet kept her from true maturity.

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Meredith MacRae
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October 2
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Customer Reviews

Pippindude ,

Phony/Misunderstood starting with the description.

There are two things this could be, just from the looking at the description. 1) It is made by a someone who is not of the category of Christianity originating/being from the LDS faith, and are using poor misinformation to attack the LDS faith. or 2) It is someone of the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saint) faith, and they have not clearly made a point that this is different from the mainstream original "Mormons". The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) does not force women to be married because someone claims divine right over them.

Adoring in Agana ,

This was almost me.

All the compassion and love for finally telling everyone how bad it can be for young women in the church. This is it. This is why I left, finally put into words. Thanks.

Receding Llamma ,

Common sense

The only clue you need to know this is not worth your time is that she claims she had her "awakening" while in a psychiatric hospital.... yeah.. some issues there better left between you and the shrink.. not on bookshelfs.

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