Secrets: Unlocking the Mysteries of Successful Advertising (Unabridged‪)‬

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The Secrets of Successful Advertising

eagerly await your discovery! Author Jeff Resnick unselfishly and relentlessly Unlocks the Mysteries of Successful Advertising, not merely through art or science, but as a reflection of the people involved in the very process of rising above the many obstacles they encounter in their daily quest for the desirable but elusive end result: Successful advertising. Chapter by chapter, he delivers a sometimes humorous, always heartfelt revelation of real stories about real people making real decisions in real business situations. This audiobook is for business owners, business owners-to-be, business managers, media sales representatives, advertising agents, advertising teachers, advertising students, consumers, and the general population looking for entertainment. Jeff has gained a reputation for presenting his material not merely as an audiobook narrator, but as a talented producer. His audiobook presentation style includes narration, music, and sound EFX taking you, the listener, on a most engaging creative journey!

Business & Personal Finance
Jeff Resnick
hr min
May 8

Customer Reviews

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“Your sales and creative techniques are very helpful when dealing with clients!” from Jason in WV

“I’m passing these SECRETS on to my son, who owns his own store!” from Sally in VA

“I learned so much, and was molded into the Proverbial Advertising Expert!” from Nate in PA

“Requisite reading for any new sales people here at Time Warner!” from Rena in NY

“Nothing beats experience, and SECRETS certainly delivers!” from Roger in CT

“The sales results we had were just phenomenal! To date, we've had a total of 6 promotions in 6 months, which have brought in over 1,400 customers, and we have written over $1 million in sales. These promotions have been the most successful in the history of our company!" from David in HI

“Jeff has been wonderful to work with. His patience and attention to detail have been a breath of fresh air for us. He has a unique insight into the advertising business. You won't be disappointed." from CA

“I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!" from George in NJ

"When we work with Jeff, we expect a packed showroom! His Branding Events have become
a tradition in our marketplace." from Vince in NY

"We've worked with Jeff since 1985. He's a true professional who understands the business. Bottom line? Jeff helps us sell more cars and trucks!" from Frank in PA

“We've tripled our store traffic! More important, we've closed the sales because people wanted to take advantage of the special offers you recommended. I wish you continued success with your program. All I ask is that you not tell my local competitors!" from NJ

"We're thrilled by the response you've generated, and could kick ourselves for not
doing something like this sooner. Thanks for all your expertise!" from PA

"We did a half-a-month's volume in just 2 days! We're now believers,
and know that in retail you have to spend money to make money." from UT

"Words on paper cannot convey the excitement and confidence we received from the ready-to-buy traffic that came in. We didn't know what to expect, but it was a zoo. We prepared for heavy traffic, not a stampede!" from Max in AL

"People came in to our stores prepared to buy. It was also interesting to see how many more people went with the financing program than normally do with our traditional ads." from RI

"I was reluctant to agree with your philosophies and expertise, but I surrender! Sales levels are double . . . with the same costs!" from Gus in AZ

"Experiencing this event was truly something to behold. The public did not allow us one brief intermission. These were buyers, not shoppers!" from Steve in AR

"During this 3-day event, we dealt with over 330 groups of customers and anticipate final sales
in excess of $100,000 at a single store location. Thank you!" from WI

"The results were so overwhelming that we are firm believers that TV is the only way to do advertising. It was non-stop customers. People came from over 100 miles away to buy!" from KS

"You far exceeded our expectations! We spent less than half our normal amount, with better results." from Jim in TN

“I was a little skeptical since my store is in an isolated, rural area. My staff couldn't keep up with the store traffic! And residual sales haven't slowed down at all. It's been a pleasure experiencing such strong store traffic! Thank you for your help and advice." from Terry in NM

“Immediate results? Our first January...was the biggest we ever experienced! Flash in the pan? The second promotion was even bigger!! And we didn't stop there. Every promotion run has generated exceptional, record-breaking results. Sales are up 40%." from NM

“I would have to say that the results were exceptional. My advertising investment ended up at only 7% of gross sales, in a part of the country where others are spending twice that! We're onto something here!” from Eddie in NH

“After attending your advertising seminar at the High Point Furniture Market, I felt that your advertising philosophy could benefit our company. Just as I had hoped, these have turned out to be the biggest sales events in the history of our company!” from TX

“We experienced total sales equal to the prior 4 months...during one 4-day promotion! I would highly recommend Jeff and his expertise to any retailer who is interested in broadening their customer base and raising the overall image of their store." from SD

“Our store traffic and resulting sales have improved dramatically, at a time when other retailers are struggling. Jeff's expertise is not limited to advertising, but extends to merchandising and sales. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of Jeff's expertise." from Herb in CT

"The results were, to put it mildly, spectacular, far beyond my expectations! Traffic and written sales have been outstanding. The bottom line is: IT WORKS!" from Max in MA

“We didn't have the know-how to get qualified customers through the door...I mean ready-to-buy customers. During our first promotion, we closed more transactions and in greater volume than any time in our history! Our future looks both more profitable and more FUN!" from Steve in MI

“It amazes that from all the way across the nation you have been the easiest, most cost effective and productive agency I have dealt with. This confuses me!" from OR

“I was impressed by your on-target seminar. You didn't pull any punches in addressing the many advertising and marketing issues that confront retailers in today's business climate. Our members appreciated your straightforward and personal answers to questions they didn't even know they had!" from Gene in CA

"I have been a professional speaker for 29 years. Rarely have I encountered another speaker with your degree of expertise. The attendees were WOWED by the high level of personalization you employed in presenting your seminar. The value you provided your audience is unparalleled." from CA

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