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What started as an adventure soon became hell. Piper Johnson’s thrilled to spend time in Timor-Leste with her best friend, a Peace Corps volunteer…until civil unrest erupts throughout the countryside, including an attack at the orphanage the women were visiting. With the aid of a SEAL team sent to extract the government employee, Piper flees with the only other known survivors - three young orphan girls. Piper wasn’t able to save her friend, but she’ll be damned if she leaves the girls to the mercy of child traffickers in the country’s impoverished capital. However, taking them with her to the States requires something drastic, something crazy…something she can’t do alone. 

What started as a mission soon becomes fate. Since nearly dying on a previous op, Beckett “Ace” Morgan has no time for regrets. Life is far too short. So when he learns the brave, beautiful, selfless woman he’s rescued has a better chance of getting three orphans out of the country if she’s married, he doesn’t hesitate. Ace marries her then and there, instantly gaining the family he’s always wanted. With time, he knows his respect for Piper can grow into love, and meanwhile, he’s saved both her and their new daughters from a fast-spreading rebel incursion. 

Protecting his girls on foreign soil turns out to be the easy part of the team’s mission. Protecting them from a threat waiting at home may be the biggest fight of Ace’s life. 

Securing Piper is the third book in the SEAL of Protection: Legacy Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

Savannah Peachwood
hr min
August 13
Stoker Aces Production, LLC

Customer Reviews

Rtbbenson ,

WOW!! A phenomenal read!

WOW!!! Welcome to one of the best reads/listens I have had in quite a while!!
This is book number 3 in Susan Stokers Seals of Protection:Legacy series (unless you count the novella Securing Brenae), then this is number 4 in the series.
This story is about Beckett Morgan(Ace-wait until you hear the story for that name) and Piper Johnson.
This is a true Susan Stoker full sized novel. It has everything in it (woman, man, mans teammates, kids, jungle rescue, rebels hell Bent on killing everyone, best friends, weddings, creepy crawlers, orphanages, grief, joy, bar scat crazy dads, forgiveness, and miracles).
There really is no way to say much without giving anything away.
She is visiting her bestie, rebels show up and poop hits the fan. The guys show up to save the day. Piper was hiding out with 3 orphans. She decides to adopt them. But she’s a single woman. Her bestie was killed by the rebels and the besties dad is completely distraught. The story goes on from there, and is sooooooooooo good (claps hands wildly wanting to tell you EVERYTHING!!!)

Will Piper get to adopt “her girls”?
Does Ace save them from the rebels?
Is the besties dad ok?
Can Piper and Ace save their family, now that they have what they fought so hard for?

OMG!!! People!!! The ending... just... ugh!!! What can I say to get you to go 1 click this story and be amazed at the sheer brilliance of this author with this story?!?

This story, while being a Susan Stoker story is NOT PREDICTABLE!!!! I made some great, on point calls...then the author zigged when I totally saw a zag coming a mile away!!!

Go!! Go one click right now!!
I’ll wait here😉

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