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Bill Tompkins was embedded in the world of secrecy as a teenager, when the navy took his personal ship models out of a Hollywood department store because they showed the classified locations of the radars and gun emplacements. He was present at the “Battle of LA”, when 1,430 rounds were fired at UFOs, and one of the Nordic craft selected him to be their rep in the evolving aerospace race. This book is a partial autobiography about his life to about 1970 including some of his early work for TRW. Selected by the navy prior to completing high school, he was the courier for secrets learned from navy spies about the Nazis until he was discharged in 1946.

After working at North American Aviation and Northrop, he was hired by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1950, and when they found out about his involvement in classified work, was given a job as a draftsman with a peripheral assignment to work in a “think tank”. It was controlled by the navy personnel who used to work for James Forrestal, who was allegedly assassinated because he was going to publicly reveal what he knew about UFOs. Bill Tompkins was asked to conceive sketches of mile-long naval interplanetary craft designs.

Later, as he became involved with the Apollo launch vehicle, his insight to systems engineering resulted in his offering some critical suggestions personally to Dr. Wehrner von Braun with more reliable checkout with missiles in their vertical position. This story is peppered with very personal interactions with his co-workers and secretaries, some of whom the he believes were Nordic aliens helping the “good guys” here on Earth. He sketches what he personally saw on TV when Armstrong was landing on the moon. Born in May 1923, Bill Tompkins is one of the few survivors of the “big war”, married to the same girl Mary, and was willing to tell his story about what he really did during his aerospace life in the '40s, '50s, and '60s that relate to aliens, NASA, and secrets that now can be told.

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