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Ever wish you had the discipline to rebound from failure like a tennis ball against a brick wall? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pull motivation out of thin air to carry yourself to success? 

Human behavior can be really unpredictable. You get a spark of inner drive. Sprint toward your goals. But then something happens. You get knocked to the dirt. That fire in your eye’s fades. Your motivation disappears. 

The problem can be fixed. The secret is discipline. When you master it, you’ll finally have the resources you need. I’ll teach you how to find those resources, build them into your lifestyle, and put them on autopilot, so you automatically step up to challenges and overcome them easily.

This book will be your guide to:

Harness the power of self-discipline to achieve your every goal
Begin to build an unstoppable will that carries you through to success
Face failures and motivate yourself to keep progressing forward
Gain useful strategies for social motivation and personal control
Learn to measure your progress and keep your attention focused

The principles in this book will help you face failure, pick yourself up from it, and turn it into success. I’ll teach you how to develop a deep inner drive that you can call upon whenever you need it. I’ll also teach you how to direct your attention toward the eye of your desire and take big action to achieve the outcomes you want.

No matter what your past is or how many times you’ve tried and failed, this book will put you on a new path. It’s a path you’ve been searching for. The path to your deepest desires. A path of discipline, power, and the freedom to change your life.

It’s time to put yourself back in control. Find the self-discipline to smash through your goals, and accomplish more in the next month than you did in the past year. If that’s what you’re looking for, order your copy of Self-Discipline now!

Russell Newton
hr min
December 10
Stephen Patterson