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Have you ever had a goal you tried to accomplish but wound up failing for reasons you couldn’t comprehend?

If you think you aren’t strong enough to persevere toward your goals, you’re gravely mistaken. Everyone has the ability to reach their goals no matter how hard or how high these are. You just need the right push.

You’re already ready to remove the doubts in your mind, to remove the fear that you lack the inner strength needed to act and to overcome the negative habits you have.

This audiobook contains proven steps and strategies on how to maximize willpower and self-discipline. You will learn the true nature of willpower and how it relates to discipline. Once armed with this knowledge, you will be equipped to start ramping up your efforts and make inroads to success in life. You will learn the difference between strategy and planning, which is foundation to achieving long-term goals. 

But that’s not all. You will learn some of the best-kept secrets of the highly successful: a series of discipline and productivity hacks that will elevate your success and achievement in life.

Finding the right motivation is essential for goal actualization but not as important as having the right level of self-discipline. In the context of how self-discipline affects your success, having the right level of self-discipline will naturally facilitate the actualization of your goals, while having low self-discipline will naturally stand in the way of your efforts toward success.

You’ll learn many powerful skills and lifestyle changes for improving your modern life:

Developing your self-discipline
Focusing on the task at hand
Avoiding temptations and distractions
Finding the motivation to improve your life
Learning the secret of self-moderation
Increasing your willpower
Strengthening your confidence
Creating firm commitments

In this audiobook, you will learn what self-discipline really means, how to deal with negative habits that make you undisciplined, and how to achieve self-discipline. You will learn the most amazing techniques for building the right level of self-discipline to help you achieve your goals. 

Matthew E. Kelly
hr min
February 19
Jocko Davis

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